Law of detachment: Why you must let go

One of the greatest spiritual lessons you can master is the law of detachment, or the law of letting go. When we are attached to a certain outcome, we often automatically focus not only on what we want, but what we don’t want to happen.

When we focus on what we don’t want, we usher that very outcome into our lives. However, when we let go of what we want, we often find that the very thing we wanted comes so much faster. Some people believe that letting go is the equivalent of giving up. That could not be further from the truth. It’s ok to want something, but letting go means we accept the fact that something so fantastic is coming into our lives that even if we want this certain thing, we won’t even miss it if it does not show up.

Another complaint that some have is that “letting go” of something we really want is like lying to ourselves. Again, you don’t have to pretend that the thing you want is no longer a desire. That would, in fact, be lying to yourself and the Universe responds to your truth, not your lies. However, in acknowledging your desire, letting go allows you to contemplate life without what you want and be ok with it.

The work, in fact, is figuring out how to be ok with your life if what you really want never occurs. This can be a challenging part of the manifesting process but it is necessary because it helps you to lift your vibration while detaching from the outcome. One of the best solutions I heard for this challenging part of the process is coming up with a plan B.

The thing we want is naturally our plan A. But what if that doesn’t occur? What would we do with our lives that would be so bold and fun and exciting that we forget all about plan A.  Most people visualize a life that is meaningless and unfulfilling if their plan A doesn’t pan out. In visualizing that outcome they in fact give power to a life of lack.  They also conjure up feelings of dread when imagining this lackluster life and that then attracts circumstances that match the vibration.

If, however, you imagine a plan B that is so exciting and appealing that you no longer dread your plan A not taking place, you have effectively managed to detach yourself from the outcome. Maybe if you don’t get the promotion that you want, you will change careers and go back to school to become a life coach. Or maybe if the relationship you want doesn’t pan out, you’ll take a year to travel around the world. Be bold with your plan B and make it something that you would truly enjoy doing. Also, it helps if the plan B is something you could have some level of control over. For example, your plan B should not be something like winning the lottery since you really have no control over it.

You then truthfully would be happy if your plan A occurred and you would be happy if your plan B occurred. That is a place of power from which you will be able to draw in a life that you love, no matter the outcome.

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