Law of Attraction: the best times for visualization

visualizingOne way to get the Law of Attraction working for you is to visualize yourself having the experiences that you want to experience. Visualization imprints your desired outcomes on your subconscious mind, which cannot distinguish between what is real and what is fake. Your subconscious mind simply works according to what it believes to be true. If you feed your subconscious mind with the outcomes you desire, you will subconsciously take the steps you need to take to make it happen.

So if you’re a student of the Law of Attraction, you understand all that. Hopefully you are taking the time to visualize regularly. (You do understand that visualizing every once in a while in a wishy-washy fashion, will give you wishy-washy results. You want to do it with frequency and persistence.)

While you can and should visualize any time you want, there are some times when it might be particularly helpful to visualize your desired outcomes. And by designating certain times to visualize, you’re less likely to forget to do it.

Visualize when you wake up. First thing in the morning, your mind is usually clear of all of the thoughts that tend to come upon you throughout the day. Mornings are ripe with possibilities. There have been no setbacks, no arguments, no experiences to bring you down. With this open mindset, your conscious mind and the doubts and fears that easily cloud it is less likely to get in the way of your visualizing.

Visualize before falling to sleep. Your conscious mind is the quietest when you’re dreaming. That’s why you’ll often find that you can work problems out in your sleep. Some people first experience their psychic ability when dreaming. They may dream about things that come to pass and realize that their intuition is very strong. The reason it’s easier to work problems out and tap your intuition when you’re dreaming is because your conscious mind’s defenses are down. When you visualize your desired outcome before drifting off to sleep, it more easily seeps into your subconscious without the conscious mind’s interference.

Visualize a task’s outcome before starting the task. You don’t have to just visualize the big stuff. You can also visualize smaller things throughout the day. Before having a difficult conversation with your boss, visualize yourself having that discussion and it going smoothly. Before you give an important speech, imagine yourself captivating the audience with just the right words. Athletes do this all the time. They visualize themselves performing at a heightened state over and over again, and when the time comes, their body, seemingly magically, performs.

We all know visualization is key. Don’t leave your visualizing to chance. Make sure you fit it into your day and know that it is working even before you see the results. If you’ve had difficulty in the past with making the Law of Attraction work, the online course Manifestation Miracle does a great job breaking the LOA down and pointing out the mistakes that often mess people up.

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