Law of Attraction: Releasing the need to struggle

If you’ve ever struggled with something in your life (and we all have), you know how difficult it can be to make headway in certain areas. Maybe you have been trying to lose weight only to fail over and over again. Perhaps you’ve had money challenge after money challenge. Or maybe it’s the area of relationships that has you stumped and sends you back to the drawing board.

When there is something that you are struggling with, it can seem like every time you try to overcome the challenge, you inadvertently make it worse. One helpful thing that Louise Hay says is that if you’re working on an area in your life and it gets worse, that’s a good sign because it shows that the situation is moving. The situation is no longer stuck.

You may be┬áthinking, that’s all good and well, but how do I move the situation in the direction that I’d like to move it in? Louise Hay has an answer for that too.

One of the most important things you can do is release the need for whatever it is that you don’t want. If you look at your life today, you’ll have key insight into your past thoughts. That’s because your thoughts create your reality. So if you are struggling with money/relationships/fill in the blank, there is a thought pattern inside of you that created it. And we’re all brilliant beings, so that thought pattern didn’t just create something in your life randomly. It created it because there was a belief that there was a need for it.

In other words, there is a thought pattern that you have somewhere, possibly deep inside of your subconscious mind, that believes there is a reason and purpose for your struggle. It believes that there is a need for the struggle.

The good news is the greatest power that you have is in the present moment. The thoughts you are thinking today are creating your tomorrow.

So before you work on ending the struggle, it’s a good idea to release the NEED for the struggle. Louise Hay suggests repeating an affirmation stating, “I am willing to release the need for ______.” When you do this you may even notice some resistance, which suggests that maybe you are not ready to release that need. That is an important insight and it gives you a starting point for the inner work that you need to do.

After consistently repeating this affirmation, you may notice after a while that you are struggling less and enjoying life more. If you want to read more about Louise Hay’s teachings, click here to┬áread her classic book, You Can Heal Your Life.



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