Law of Attraction relationships can be bad too

bad-relationshipI recently had a conversation with a friend about a relationship she was in that had taken a turn for the worse. She was confused about the situation because the relationship had come at a time when she was practicing the Law of Attraction and managing her thoughts and expectations. When the relationship started, it seemed as if it was everything she had written about in her Law of Attraction journal, and it even had qualities that she had placed on her vision board. So now that the relationship was no longer working, she hesitated to end it because she believed that the Law of Attraction had brought them together so that must mean that it was a relationship that was meant to be. I was a little floored by her reasoning because  Law of Attraction relationships can be good for you and Law of Attraction relationships can be bad for you (if you think in terms of good and bad, but that’s another blog post). It really depends upon where your mind and heart were at when you manifested them.

One of the mistakes people make is to believe that the Law of Attraction brings only wonderful things, and when bad things happen to us we think we’re not using the Law of Attraction. Wrong. You’re always using the Law of Attraction whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Just as you can’t ‘not’ use gravity, you can’t ‘not’ use the Law of Attraction because it is simply how the world works.

Rather than thinking that only good relationships can come out of the Law of Attraction, use your understanding of the law to figure out why you attracted the relationship that you did. All of your relationships, whether they are romantic or not, are reflections of your relationship with yourself. If you expect only the best for yourself and you put your interests above everything else (that’s not selfish, that’s self-love), you’ll  find that you’re surrounded by people who also put you at the top of their lists. If you run yourself ragged, let people run all over you and put your interests last, you’re going to attract relationships with people who treat you that way too.  Of course those are two extremes. Most of us live lives colored by shades of gray so our relationships often reflect a myriad of fascinating things about us.

Which brings me back to my friend’s thought process. One important thing to note about the Law of Attraction is that we should not be afraid to change our mind about something we create and then choose to create something else. Say I wanted to manifest a new job and I listed five wonderful qualities I wanted and I got a new job that had those five qualities. And then I realized that I forgot to include the fact that I wanted to have mad respect for my boss. The beauty of the Law of Attraction is I can go back to the drawing board at any time and manifest an even better job.

Same goes with relationships. Law of Attraction relationships aren’t good. Law of Attraction relationships aren’t bad. They are exactly what you expect and allow them to be.

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