Law of Attraction not working? Try the power of giving up

So let’s be honest. You’ve been studying the Law of Attraction. You’ve read all the books from the experts from Abraham Hicks to Napoleon Hill and you’re still not getting the results you want. Or maybe you’ve managed to manifest a few things but that career opportunity or that relationship has remained elusive, just out of your reach.

You are tired of affirmations, you’re tired of visualization, you’re sure as heck tired of acting ‘as if’ it’s already done because you know that it isn’t already done. You can see how what you want is not there, and no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to believe enough to manifest what you’re looking for. So what do you do?

If that’s how you feel, here’s some good news for you. The Law of Attraction is NOT the only spiritual law to help you to get what you want. Despite the fact that the Law of Attraction gets all the press, there are actually many other spiritual laws that can help you to create the life that you want. In fact, one reason why many people don’t get the results that they want from the Law of Attraction is because they are violating some other spiritual law at the same time that they’re practicing the Law of Attraction. So you’re basically negating all of your progress.

When the Law of Attraction won’t work

So what other laws can help you when the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to be working? If you’re frustrated at your inability to manifest something, you need to study up on the Law of Non-Resistance. ¬†Ever heard the saying ‘what you resist persists?’ It’s actually spiritual law. If you can’t stand something and you spend all of your energy thinking about how you can’t stand it, guess what? You’re making it a more powerful part of your life.

Many people understand that, but they make another mistake. They think the best way to handle something they don’t like is to ignore it. That doesn’t help either because when you ignore something, you’re simply in a state of denial. You’re denying that it exists. When has denial ever been a good thing? When you deny or ignore something that is there, eventually it breaks through into your world usually in a way that is not very convenient for you.

The better option is to ACCEPT that which has been frustrating you. When you accept something, you’re not denying that it’s there (or lying to yourself — lying to yourself is never beneficial to you), and you’re not railing against it. Rather you’re telling the universe ‘I will no longer resist.’

Have you been trying unsuccessfully to manifest a relationship? Accept being single and start planning how you can enjoy your life being single forever. (Maybe you create a plan to travel the world or you create a plan to go to art school.) The key is to accept that your worst-case scenario has come true and figure out ‘then what’ and then start to do that. Energetically, you’ll stop resisting being single, so guess what? Your state of being single will NOT persist. By accepting life as a single person forever you’ll open the door to that relationship you’ve been trying so hard to attract. Don’t believe me? Try it.

The Law of Non-Resistance can work for anything you’ve been trying to manifest. The key here is you want to apply this law when you’re frustrated and find yourself hating your circumstances. Hate your job? Can’t stand your boss? By applying the Law of Non-Resistance, you’ll attract a new job or a new boss much faster. You’ve got to work all of the spiritual laws if you truly want your life to work seamlessly. The Universe really doesn’t run chaotically. There is a system and a method to the madness if you understand the spiritual laws.

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