Law of Attraction not working? This might be why

Many people get excited when they first learn about the Law of Attraction. They learn about how their thoughts are things and they admit to themselves that they do have a lot of negative thoughts about the things that aren’t going well in their lives.  Then they feel empowered by the idea that they can change their thoughts and they will in the process change their lives. Then they spend a lot of time and energy on changing their thoughts, and they see that they’ve been trying really hard, but their lives just aren’t transforming the way that they would like. So they give up out of a sense of frustration.

If that sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Many people give up on the Law of Attraction because they are so tired of trying. They feel as if it’s hard work to try to believe something they really don’t believe. And they’re right. And chances are, that’s why the Law of Attraction isn’t working.

Think about the concept. You attract what you are. If you’re trying hard to do something then you’re going to attract more of that — you’ll need to keep trying hard to make progress.  You have a belief that it’s hard to attract what you want.

But what if you cultivated the belief that it was EASY to get what you want? Have you ever met someone who something came easy for? Maybe it was a former classmate who always got straight A’s without studying. Or maybe it was the guy who always got the prettiest dates without working for it. These people understood something about the Law of Attraction that many people miss. They understood that once you stop TRYING, the things that you expect will simply make their way to you. When you expect something to be easy, you don’t try hard. Because you already know it’s on the way. And isn’t that what the Law of Attraction is all about?

The Law of Attraction is about changing your mindset. It’s not about trying. When you know something is coming, do you really have to TRY HARD to get it? If you know you’re getting the promotion no matter what you do, do you work 80 hours a week or do you work a regular work week and spend your spare time doing something you love since the promotion is coming anyway? THAT’s the energy you have to develop in order to see real results from the Law of Attraction.

Life coach Heather Matthews realized this aspect of the Law of Attraction after her own frustration with getting the concept to work. She created a personal development program called Manifestation Miracle, which helps you to stop blocking your blessings by TRYING too hard. The Law of Attraction is about what you feel more than it is about what you think. When you’re frustrated and trying too hard to manifest your desires you literally get in your own way. If you’re feeling frustrated because you’re not getting the results you want from the Law of Attraction, you owe it to yourself to consider this one missing piece. Click here to learn more about Heather Matthews’ program and give the Law of Attraction one more try — the easy way this time.

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