Why meditation can lead to Law of Attraction success

law of attraction meditationWhen people first learn about the Law of Attraction, there is often a lot of excitement as they think about all of the things they can change in their lives and manifest into being. However, the Law of Attraction provides a blueprint for creating your own reality, but it’s often not as easy as people originally think. However, a Law of Attraction meditation can help in that arena.

The reason meditation can be so helpful is because the Law of Attraction depends largely on our thoughts and beliefs. (Remember, a belief is nothing more than a thought repeated over and over again. ) In order to work effectively with the Law of Attraction, we often have to change those thoughts, but that can be challenging if your mind is working a mile a minute. Many of us are so wrapped up in our heads that we have so many thoughts going through our minds that we’re not exactly sure what we’re thinking at any given time. Meditation can help us to slow things down.

Why Meditation Helps with the Law of Attraction

Have you ever meditated? Many people complain that they have a hard time meditating because it’s boring or they find themselves falling asleep. Well, that’s partly the purpose — not to fall asleep, but to slow things down mentally. And the way we’re programmed to look for instant gratification, that can seem boring. But ironically enough, life moves the fastest when we are still.

So are you wondering how you can use meditation to help you with the Law of Attraction? One great exercise is to get comfortable and close your eyes and clear your head of thoughts. Whenever a thought pops into your mind, don’t get frustrated. Instead, gently push the thought aside by again clearing your mind. When your mind is clear, introduce a thought about something that you desire. For example, if you’re trying to manifest money, you might repeat an affirmation in your mind such as, “I am attracting money. I am prosperous.” Because you’ve cleared your mind of all of the chatter that was going on inside of it, you’ve made it easier for that affirmation to sink down into your subconscious mind.

That’s it. It wasn’t that difficult was it? Once you’ve done that, take a deep breath, clear your mind again and then open your eyes. That’s one way to start introducing meditation into your Law of Attraction practice. Over time you’ll find that you’ll be able to meditate for longer periods of time. There are also all kinds of other benefits to meditation such as increased focus and energy and reduced anxiety. Some people do better using guided meditations such as The Reawakening Guided Meditations. Others prefer silence. Listen to your inner guidance for what works best for you.


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