Law of Attraction in action: Donald Trump’s campaign

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Anyone who follows politics (and even those who don’t) can’t help but notice Donald Trump’s elevation to the top of the field of Republican candidates for president. Despite what outlandish, ridiculous and arguably hateful things that he says, his poll numbers rise and it just seems like he will not go away.

While some people say Donald Trump simply has captured the imagination of the voters (surely, the United States isn’t this hateful and ridiculous), there is another more metaphysical explanation. His rise simply illustrates the power of the Law of Attraction.

The media is finally getting criticized about all of their coverage of Donald Trump. For months now, he has been the top story on the news, had his speeches covered by cable news networks and been the punchline for all of the nighttime comics. He’s been entertaining, a regular political reality show designed to capture America’s attention in this reality show-obsessed culture. Recently, one of his rivals, Ohio governor John Kasich made the comment that if he received the coverage that Donald Trump has gotten, he’d be in first place in the polls. Kasich clearly understands the power of the Law of Attraction.

Whenever Donald Trump says something outlandish, the media pounces and his comments get wall-to-wall coverage. First he called Mexicans rapists. Then he wanted to build a great wall. Then he alluded to a woman being irritable because she was on her period (but of course he denied that one). Then he threatened to ban an entire religion.

Each time he made a wild claim, the coverage increased and his poll numbers rose. The Law of Attraction holds that the more attention something gets the bigger it gets. In your own life, if you focus obsessively on your debt, your debt will take a greater position in your life.

So if the world wants to get rid of Donald Trump — at least the idea of him becoming a president — metaphysical law can once again come into play. The news networks must stop covering every move he makes. Why are all of his speeches publicized and noone else’s speeches are? The news organizations will say that they are just giving the people what they want. They are only showing Trump 24 hours a day because their ratings rise when they talk about him. If you’re a news junkie, turn the channel and prove them wrong.

The bottom line: The Law of Attraction has made Trump’s campaign. Now let’s let the Law of Attraction bring him down. Focus on the candidate you like, rather than the candidate whose views represent everything that is wrong with the world.

Stop paying attention to him and he’ll go away.

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