Law of Attraction: How cleaning your closet attracts the love, money, fill-in-the-blank you want

Looking for a way to jumpstart or usher change into your life? Create some space for some new energy to flow in. Look around your house. Chances are there is a stuffed closet, drawer, cabinet or other storage space. All of those things that are stored have their own energy, and that energy is filling up your home, taking up space so new energy can’t come inside.

If you don’t believe this, try it for yourself. Take one room of your home and start cleaning it out. Not just a surface cleaning, but a deep cleaning in which you look at everything inside of the room and decide whether it is something that you truly love. If it’s not something that you really love, get rid of it.

It may be hard to start throwing away your belongings. Sometimes we keep things because someone gave them to us and we feel guilty about getting rid of them. Other times we tell ourselves we may need it, or we tap into our poverty consciousness in which we fear that we won’t get something better to replace it. You have an emotional connection to your stuff so as you start to throw things away you will also notice that you feel a certain way about it. You may even find yourself brought to tears. This is a good thing because it’s forcing you to do some emotional healing, which is also important when we want to manifest new things.

As you start to get rid of things you’ll notice that you begin to feel lighter and more care-free. At a certain point, you may even start to look forward to getting rid of more stuff. After a few weeks of getting rid of things, you will start to notice new things entering your life.

The Universe abhors a vacuum. Whenever we get rid of something, another thing will come to fill that space. You may suddenly meet new people, or you may be invited to new social events where you, again, come in contact with new people. You may come across clothing or other items that you absolutely love — and now you even have space for them in your home.  You may hear about a new job or financial opportunity.

When you start to notice these new things, continue to clean out. Continue to get rid of that which is old and no longer serves you. The new things that enter your life will continue to get better and better. You may be tempted to stop when you first start to see changes. Dare to keep going. See how good things can get as you continue to clean out until everything in your home is something you truly love.

This is all a part of the Law of Attraction. Remember, getting rid of things you don’t want frees you up to enjoy more of the things that you do. For more on how to change your mind and your life using the Law of Attraction, click here to watch a short video to find out the one piece of information you probably have been missing.


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