A Law of Attraction Money Tip That Can Change Everything

Spiritual laws are meant to be used. So what Law of Attraction practitioner is not looking for Law of Attraction money tips? I know I am. But one simple change of perception can make a big difference in your ability to manifest your desires.

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One of the first lessons many people learn about the Law of Attraction is that thoughts become things. You attract into your life what you think about. That sounds simple. So using that logic, if you want more money in your life you simply have to think a lot of thoughts about having money, right? Well not exactly.

There is a small nuance when it comes to the types of thoughts you want to be thinking about money. Consider the following thoughts.

You imagine yourself working hard and trying to get more money? Or what if you imagined yourself looking in a store window at items you wanted to buy and thinking of ways in which you could get more money? Are those the types of thoughts that will attract money to you?

You may be surprised to find that the answer is no. Those thoughts simply cement the fact that you have no money and you are looking for ways to get it. You’re imagining a moment in time when the money still has not appeared. But a Law of Attraction money tip can change that.

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Thinking from, rather than thinking of

The key to thinking in a way that helps you manifest what you want is thinking from where you want to be, rather than thinking of what you want. In other words, what would your thoughts be if you already had the money you want?

You wold not be imagining yourself working hard to get money; you would probably be working less (or at least a lot smarter) because you already had all the money you needed. You might even imagine yourself quitting your job and doing something else entirely because you had so much money.

You would not be gazing into a department store window thinking of ways to get money. Instead, you would be inside the department store paying for the dress you want. Or you might be shopping in a more expensive store. Can you see the difference?

Law of Attraction money advice

Instead of thinking of yourself getting something you want, come up with the thoughts you would have once you already had what you want — and think those thoughts. That process is described as ‘thinking from,’ rather than ‘thinking of’ what you want by Neville Goddard, a metaphysician and mystic who has a ton of writings about making the Law of Attraction work for you.

One of the best Law of Attraction money tips you can find is to determine what your thoughts would be when you already have the money you want. Maybe you’d be meeting a friend for lunch and telling her about the $10,000 donation you just gave to your favorite charity. Visualize that lunch meeting and hear yourself telling your friend about the donation. Or hear yourself telling someone about you manifested as if it already happened. Once you put it in the past, you feel what it’s like to have it. And then the magic begins.

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