Keys to manifesting: How busy-ness keeps you stuck

“When you do too much and work too fast, you don’t give the Universe a chance to do its part.”

Are you taking care of business – or suffering from busy-ness?

If you’re a goal-oriented person who always has a plan, that might be stopping you from having the life you want.

Most people go about life trying to control circumstances and make things happen. They come up with a list of goals and make a plan to bring those goals to fruition. However, there is a problem with that philosophy. When you plan everything out and believe that you can make anything happen, you don’t give the Universe the opportunity to lend a hand – and trust me, the Universe can move mountains much faster than you can.

When you’re too busy and focused on doing things your way, you:

Miss out on signs and synchronicity. The Universe often speaks in signs and symbols. You might hear a song on the radio that brings to mind a message that you needed to hear. You may read a passage from a book that provides the answer to a current question. In order to notice these signs and synchronicities, you must be aware of your surroundings – something that is easy to lose sight of when you’re focused on a particular plan.

End up doing things you might not have had to do. There was a woman named Jane who lived alone in a townhouse. As soon as it stopped snowing, she went out and started shoveling her driveway. Her neighbor Sue came out sipping a cup of hot cocoa and waved.

Jane waved back, and said, ‘You’d better get out here and shovel your walk. It’s good to get a jump on these things!’

Sue continued sipping her cocoa and shrugged. “I’ll do it later,” she said. “Right now I just want to enjoy my cocoa and lounge around in front of the tv. Maybe I’ll get lucky and some enterprising kids will come shovel the walk for me.”

Watching Sue turn around and walk back into the house, Jane rolled her eyes and went about shoveling her walk. Thirty minutes later, Jane went back inside, exhausted after doing all of that hard work, but glad that she had shoveled unlike her lazy neighbor Sue.

Then suddenly, she heard a loud noise outside. She looked outside and saw two people with snowmobiles shoveling everyone in the neighborhood’s snow. Jane couldn’t believe her eyes. She put her coat back on and went outside and stopped one of the men and asked what he was doing and he said that a benefactor had paid to have the entire neighborhood shoveled so the people wouldn’t have to do it. Jane was outraged. She said “but I already shoveled my snow!” The man shrugged and said, “you didn’t give us a chance to do our work.”

How often in life do we want something, and we busy ourselves trying to make it happen, only to forget to allow the Universe to enter the equation?

When you take your time and allow space for something to happen, you may realize that achieving your dreams is easier than you think.

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