Is Law of Attraction coaching for you?

coachWhen you start to experience success using the Law of Attraction and begin to manifest the life that you want, it’s natural to want to help others to do the same. Not only can you do that, but you can make a career out of it. Becoming an attraction coach by offering Law of Attraction coaching is a way that you can further your own knowledge of the subject while helping others to manifest what they want in their lives.

Becoming a Law of Attraction coach can also help you to manifest a fulfilling career and a sense of purpose if those are desires that you have.

Imagine what it would be like talking to people about the Law of Attraction all day. Imagine getting paid to help people re-frame their thoughts and beliefs so that those thoughts and beliefs better serve them. These are all possible if you feel drawn to Law of Attraction coaching.

If this thought appeals to you, chances are you’re already coaching others in the Law of Attraction. You’d be a great Law of Attraction coach if:

—You’re constantly motivating loved ones to re-frame their thoughts in a more positive manner. It’s second nature to you. You instantly see how their words are impacting their lives.

—Others come to you when they feel frustrated or stuck. They may say that you always know exactly what to say and you make they feel better after they speak with you.

—You’re always reading Law of Attraction books, whether it’s by Abraham Hicks or Wallace D. Wattles. When you read about or listen to Law of Attraction principles, you feel your own vibration sore. And when you read these books, you find that you already know or are living the principles.

—You’ve experienced major breakthroughs in your life since you’ve embraced the Law of Attraction. You can see how it has helped your life tremendously. You can point to instances in which your thoughts have transformed the experiences in your life.

—You believe your purpose is to serve, heal or teach. You get great pleasure out of helping others to improve their lives.

—You feel energized by the idea of helping people to transform their lives.

—You’re always noting the words that people speak and how those words correspond with what happens in their lives.

Becoming a Law of Attraction Coach

So you’ve decided that Law of Attraction coaching is for you. So now what? You may understand how the Law of Attraction works, but having an understanding of coaching and teaching techniques may be something you’re lacking. Joe Vitale, one of the experts featured in The Secret offers a Law of Attraction coaching certification program that you should seriously consider.  The course takes place via the Internet and it can be started any time. You can also work at your own pace, taking anywhere from three weeks to a year to complete the coursework. You’ll have to complete five manuals of instruction, and then you must pass a test in order to get certified.

Once you get certified, you’ll have the lifetime support of the Global Sciences Foundation, an organization designed to help you with your Law of Attraction coaching. You’ll also gain a wealth of knowledge including:

  • An understanding of how  thoughts and emotions impact your manifesting.
  • A knowledge of the stumbling blocks to your manifesting success and common stumbling blocks of others.
  • How to transmit the right messages to the Universe to manifest prosperity.
  • How to avoid common errors that keep people from attracting what they want.
  • How to utilize the concept of magnetism in the context of the law of attraction.
  • How to eliminate emotional blocks that prevent you and others from attracting your desires.

While you can easily spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars in other coaching certification programs, this program only costs $47. It’s also one of the few coaching programs available that focus specifically on Law of Attraction coaching. Sure you can go through a regular coaching program and become a coach that specializes in the Law of Attraction, but wouldn’t it be better to utilize a Law of Attraction coaching program in the first place?

If you buy the course and aren’t satisfied, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days.  How many other coaching programs give you that type of guarantee. If you think your purpose could be to help others to manifest more abundance in their lives, you owe it to them — and to yourself — to give Joe Vitale’s Law of Attraction Coaching Certification Course a try.

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