Is focusing on your ex holding you back?

Few people can go through life without ever experiencing a painful breakup. It’s natural for one to long for an old relationship if that connection was broken before he or she was ready.

In fact, it’s a normal part of the healing process to long for – and grieve for – that which was lost.

However, for many people, the longing for an old relationship can keep them stuck and prevent them from moving ahead. The reason for this is because their focus in on the past rather than the present.

The power of focus

Focus is powerful when it comes to the Law of Attraction. What you focus on is what you’re giving your power to. And the more focus and power you give to something, the bigger a presence it will be in your life. When you focus on things that you don’t want, you create more of that thing.

For example, if you always focus on the ways that people offend you, you’re going to notice more incidents of people offending you.

If you don’t believe that, try this simple trick. The next time you go out, focus on the fact that so many people smile at you when they pass you by. Then, count how many people smile. Then another time, focus on the fact that nobody smiles at you when they pass you by and count how few people actually smile.

Focusing on the future

When your focus is on the past relationship, your attention is on a time that has passed. Even if you are destined to get your ex back, it’s important to approach that relationship as you would a new relationship. You can’t recreate what already happened. The two of you would have to create something new.

Often we focus on the bad things that happened. If you’re focusing on the bad parts of a bad relationship, you’re really doing yourself a disservice.

Instead of focusing on all of the things that happened in the past relationship – whether bad or good – focus on what you would desire for your next relationship. If you can trick your mind to do this, try not to envision your ex in the role. Instead leave the face blank so you don’t create any resistance to the fact that your next great relationship may be with someone new.

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