Is Facebook Messing Up Your Manifesting?

How much time do you spend on Facebook? And when you’re on it, are you spending the bulk of your time updating your status or reading what others have to say? If you answer the latter, be careful. Facebook may be having more of an impact on your life and your manifesting power than you think.

We all know that thoughts become things. Those areas of your life that you feel good about typically go well.  On the other hand, those areas where you’re feeling doubtful or frustrated about life are more likely to be rife with challenges.

So back to Facebook. When you’re reading what people are posting Facebook, how does that make you feel? Facebook posts come in a number of varieties. Some posts are commentaries about what’s going on in the day, such as politics or news events. Some posts fall under the realm of jokes and funny stories. Then there are what I call the ‘woe is me’ posts. These are clear calls for attention, when people describe how tough their lives are or how they’re enduring a major crisis in life. Then there are the bragging posts in which people simply describe how great their lives are (which I am often cynical of, particularly when that’s the predominant type of post that is made).

While the commentaries and lighthearted posts are fine to read, the ‘woe is me’ and the bragging posts can have a damaging effect on your psyche. Focusing on someone else’s problems not only bring you down, but it doesn’t help the person with the problem either. In fact, by posting problems on Facebook, the person is effectively making it possible for all of the people reading their status update to focus on their problem. Talk about a Law of Attraction problem. And the braggarts serve the function of making you think of all of the ways that your life isn’t as exciting. Sure the braggart is selectively only telling one side of his or her story, but in the process, your thoughts may go — even briefly — in a direction that you don’t want them to go.

So what can you do? If you find yourself feeling sorry for people or annoyed by people when you log onto Facebook, you’re giving away too much of your manifesting power. Your mind is your greatest asset, and it is  imperative that you be very selective about what you put in it.

  •  If the posts of certain people annoy you over and over again, block their posts so you don’t have to see their updates.
  • Unfriend certain people. Every tree deserves a good pruning. If you have Facebook relationships that are toxic or not serving you, get rid of them. The act of doing so will symbolically let the Universe know that you expect more life-affirming relationships (and you’ll likely soon get them).
  • Remove yourself from Facebook entirely. If you’re spending too much time wondering what others are doing, your thoughts are focused in the wrong direction. Focus on your life and what you want, so your manifesting power is in your hands.

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