Creating magic through intention and synchronicity

For much of my life, I’ve been governed by logic. I accepted jobs that came my way and focused on paths that others dictated for me. I pursued a career that didn’t resonate with me, yet my heart was whispering that I should pursue a career coaching and teaching about personal growth, yet I felt like I couldn’t make that work because it wasn’t practical enough.

Though I’ve ignored that little voice that has nudged me to focus on personal growth,  I’ve done pretty well. I’ve managed to make a decent living and with the exception of the recession-laden 2009, I’ve done better financially each year. As an independent writer, whenever a new client would offer an ongoing assignment I’d take it, relishing the stability that comes from knowing where some of my monthly income would come from. At times, my intuition would tell me a client was more trouble than she was worth, but I wouldn’t listen and I would take on the work instead. In those cases, it would inevitably be a trying process, but I’d complete the assignment with a bit of effort and eventually get a check for my troubles.

But now I’ve flipped the script.

I’m using the Law of Attraction to focus on the career that I want: One in which I write about wisdom, or personal growth, and support others in their efforts to apply that wisdom to their lives.  As I’m embarking on this journey by researching and writing about new topics that can help people, I’m visualizing my success, living as if it’s already here and remaining on the lookout for synchronicities — commonly mistaken for coincidences — to guide me on the path. Whenever you experience a synchronicity — for example, someone mentions the title of a book to you and then two days later, you see that book mentioned in newspaper — you should follow up on it, whether that means buying that book or going online to find out more about it and ask yourself why it’s making itself felt in your life right now. And guess what? You don’t have to wait for synchronicities to come; you can ask for them. Silently, set the intention that you will be guided through synchronicity. Try that this week and see what happens. You’ll be on the way to speeding up your evolution toward the things in life that you most desire.

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