Increase your success with a Law of Attraction Journal

loa-journalWouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to track your Law of Attraction successes in one place? Think about it. What if you had your desires written down and the dates in which you’d acknowledged them, and then you could go back and write about when the manifestation took place (and how long it took the manifestation to happen?) You can with¬†My Law of Attraction Journal, a magical tool created by Vivian Tenorio.

Say you’re looking for a new job and you express your desire for a job working for someone who respects your talents, pays you well and allows you to live your passion. Part of the Law of Attraction process is being clear about what you want so the journal gives you a space to describe your intention and your desire thoroughly and with clarity. It’s also helpful to track which Law of Attraction methods work best for you. Some people get great results with vision boards. Others prefer to journal about their successes. Still others enjoy the practice of scripting, writing about your desired experiences as if they’ve already happened. By using the journal to track your methods, you can determine which ones work best for you so that you can employ those same tactics to get other things that you want in your life. Along the same lines, you can quickly identify whether certain Law of Attraction strategies aren’t working for you. Remember, everyone is different, and you may find that some strategies don’t work well for you even if a friend of yours has achieved a lot of success using that particular technique. You don’t want to waste your time continuing to employ strategies that don’t work, so by tracking your progress, you can maximize your successes and cut out those strategies that aren’t working for you!

Finally, My Law of Attraction Journal¬†gives you room to go back and write about the manifestation once it has taken place. There is so much power in being able to read through a journal that shows your Law of Attraction successes. If you’ve ever read a past journal and been surprised to see how far you’ve come in your life by reading past entries, imagine how you’ll feel seeing first-hand just how effective your Law of Attraction strategies are. It’s also an empowering way to lift your spirits and vibration the next time you face a huge challenge. You can open the journal and look at other things you’ve managed to manifest and know that you can employ the same strategies to get you through the current challenge that is at hand.

Why your Law of Attraction Journal should be separate

You may be thinking, “I already have a journal and I can start recording Law of Attraction successes in that journal.” Sure, you can, but here’s why you may want to think twice about that.

  • There’s a power in starting a separate Law of Attraction journal. The fact that you’re creating a journal entirely for Law of Attraction successes shows that you already believe that there will be plenty of Law of Attraction successes to record. And belief and expectation are key ingredients in bringing about something that you want to manifest.
  • Making a purchase to celebrate your Law of Attraction successes is yet another way to shout out to the universe — This is big! I’m about to demonstrate my manifestation power!
  • When your Law of Attraction Journal is a separate book, you think about the power of manifestation whenever you look at it. It instantly puts you in the right mindset when you pull it out because it’s not associated with all of the other emotions that journals tend to record. It serves a special purpose, and that is helping you to attract the life that you want.

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