How to ward off curses with spiritual jewelry

wondertwinsIntention is a powerful thing. Not only can someone give you a metaphysical boost by wishing good things to happen to you, but someone can transmit negative energy your way by sending ill-will or thoughts of jealousy toward you. However, noone’s bad intentions are more powerful than your own energy and intention. Yet sometimes we need to give our thought process a boost.

One powerful way I’ve done this is through jewelry. The main reason that I wear jewelry is not to make a fashion statement, but rather to empower my spirit with the qualities that the jewelry represents.

Have you ever seen the Wonder Twins, comicbook superheros created by DC Comics? Whenever they needed to call up their superpowers, they’d tap rings and say “Wonder Twin Powers Activate.” Growing up, I always wished I could use a ring to get a boost of power from the energy that is infused in its gems.

I learned that I can. Metaphysical jewelry is not your everyday ring, bracelet or necklace. Creators of the jewelry use images, mystical messages and their intention to impart qualities in the jewelry such as fearlessness, courage, love and perseverance. When someone wears that piece of jewelry, they find those qualities strengthened in their own life.

Warding off the evil eye

Not only can jewelry strengthen certain qualities in you, but it can ward off curses. Evil Eye Jewelry is designed to protect you from bad luck or injuries that might come about if someone is jealous of you or darts an evil eye your way. Even if you don’t believe in curses, I can tell you from first-hand experience that a piece of jewelry can make you feel more confident and protected. I purchased an Evil Eye Bracelet from Isabella, a company that makes the most extraordinary spiritual jewelry. When I purchased it, I was involved in a tense situation with someone whom I believed did not have my best interests in mind.  I had to be around this person and I noticed that I felt anxiety whenever I had to be near them. The bracelet has blue and white rhinestones designed to look like an eye, and whenever I wear it, I feel like any negative thoughts that this person sends my way are reflected back to them. My anxiety level also drops when I wear the bracelet. Some might say it’s all in my head, but who cares? Whether it’s in my head or not, if it’s helping to relieve stress in my life, it’s working. 🙂

Other pieces of jewelry I’ve fallen in love with from Isabella include the I Am Lucky Bracelet, which for only $8, provides you with your own little fashionable lucky charm. The Binding Love Bangle is another piece that I love. It’s made of shell, which is known for its protection properties, and the pattern of the shell in the bracelet represents support and connection between loved ones.

I like to give spiritual gifts to loved ones. I’m known for giving candles that have healing properties, but I’m now feeling drawn to give spiritual jewelry, which comes with descriptions so the recipient knows what the jewelry is designed to help them with. Know someone wanting to manifest a relationship? Isabella’s Amor Love Necklace might be a perfect gift. If someone is struggling through a major change, Isabella’s Changer Pendant may give them the fortitude that they need.

I believe in using every advantage to achieve dreams and overcome fears and negativity. I also believe in looking good. Spiritual jewelry provides the opportunity to do both.

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