How to use the Law of Attraction when dating

love-tarotI am sure most of us have known someone (or we are someone) who “seems to always attract the wrong guy (or girl)” in our relationships. While we may desire and even seek ¬†a particular type of person and we may even find the person we are dating to possibly be “the one,” time and time again they turn out to be exactly that person we are trying to avoid! Inevitably¬†we are then left to ask ourselves, “Why do I always attract the wrong kind of person”?

The Law of Attraction will not only answer that question for you, but if you apply it you will find you can easily change this situation. Put simply, the Law of Attraction simply states that like attracts like. (For more on the Law of Attraction and the one thing people often get wrong, watch this video.) This doesn’t mean that you will attract a person like yourself, but what it means is you will attract the exact person your mind is focused on. Like thoughts attract like circumstances. As you think in your mind, so will the universe manifest.

So if you think, “Why do I always attract undesirables in my relationships” and you focus on this question, the universe will manifest those thoughts precisely. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking you want to avoid it, or if you are thinking you don’t want it; it is those thoughts that bring about your reality.

If you focus on those things you don’t want in your life, you will tend to actually attract those things. But, the good news is this works in the opposite way. If you maintain your focus on those things you want, you will attract those things as well.

Think of it like a car. As you drive the car, you steer that car toward wherever your focus tends to be, such as the road you are on. If something distracts you to the side of the road and your focus shifts, you’ll find yourself actually steering the car toward that new area of focus, sometimes even running your car completely off the road. This is another example of how the Law of Attraction works; you will gravitate toward what you are focused on.

In dating, what this means is, if your desire is for a great relationship with a caring open individual, then you need to make that your focus. You need to take whatever negative thoughts you might have about what you don’t want and throw them out!

You need to say to yourself “This is who I want” and you need to maintain an attitude that not only do you want this type of person or that type of person, but you deserve him/her and you will obtain him/her. Positive affirmations are the ticket to success. You should say “This is who I will be with” and believe it, allowing yourself to feel as if you already have that person in your life, and before you know it, the Universe will have worked it out for you and you will find that person or better yet, that person will find you. For more on the Law of Attraction and the one thing you might be missing, click here.

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