How to use the Law of Attraction in your career

You’ve been working in a respective field — working your fingers to the bone — but you don’t think you’re being paid what you’re worth? Sound familiar? It may not be you, but the way you’re approaching your goals for a higher salary. It would be very beneficial for you to learn how to use the Law of Attraction in your career. Perhaps you need to attract more money and you are not understanding how to do so.

The process is simple. First, you have to believe that you are worthy enough to receive a higher salary. Do you believe that you deserve more money? Of course, you do, but is there a part of you that secretly believes you must be more educated or more skillful to make more money?  Or is it that you want to be promoted so a higher salary will become available and a better lifestyle for you and your family. Here are  some quick tips explaining how to use the Law of Attraction in your career.

Tips for using the Law of Attraction at work

1.  When you wake up everyday, be thankful. Say it aloud and let the Universe know that you are appreciative. The Universe gives back what you ask of it, therefore you have to appreciate things you already have. This sends a positive signal to the Universe and remits positive energy back to you.

2.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. The Universe is a powerful force and so are your mind and thoughts. The Universe will return in physical or spiritual form what you have thought or asked of it. This is powerful information to you because the only thing you need to do now is see yourself in a higher position in your career. Remember that higher paying job or salary you wanted? Say “thank you” for it as if you know it has already been granted.

3. Know it in your mind and heart that you already have it. When you ask for what you want — the new position, job, or salary — visualize yourself in the higher position. Visualize yourself working in the new job (or the new place of employment). Visualize yourself holding a paycheck with a larger amount. If you’re creative, consider creating a check using your computer that actually is for the amount of your desired salary.

So how can you use the Law of Attraction to boost your career? According to life coach Heather Mathews in this video for her Manifestation Miracle  program, one of the biggest mistakes people make when using the Law of Attraction is trying too hard. If you’re trying to ‘make things happen’ or you’re pressed about when you’re going to get the job you want,  you must ask yourself what type of energy are you putting out? It sounds like you’re putting out an energy that says you don’t want to be in the position you currently are in. Unfortunately, that suggests that you’re lacking a fulfilling career and since you attract what you’re currently feeling, you’ll likely continue to attract a lack of a fulfilling career in your life.

Instead, you want to begin feeling now the way you would feel with the career you want.  Look for something — anything — that you can enjoy or be grateful about your current job even if it’s just the check. If you currently don’t have a job, be grateful for the time and the energy to attract the wonderful job that you desire.  That way, when you attract what you are — which is how the Law of Attraction works — you will attract more of that feeling, which will attract the actual career change in your life. In this short Manifestation Miracle video, Mathews does a great job of helping you to understand that the Law of Attraction is not about doing, but rather it’s about being. If you’ve been trying to manifest the ideal career with the Law of Attraction and nothing has been happening, chances are you’re identifying all the things you can do to will the perfect career into your life, but attraction is more subtle. You must learn to systematically shift your desire to do something into an ability to feel your way to attracting the ideal career in your life. In Manifestation Miracle, Mathews explains how to do this, but she also provides what she calls Affirmation Mindtracks that you can listen to to get into your subconscious mind so that your beliefs and feelings about love can change and become more aligned with the career that you desire.

The truth of the matter is you’re already attracting the career that is aligned with your beliefs. Now it’s time to get your beliefs to be in alignment with the career you really want. For a step-by-step plan for getting there, click here to see a short video on manifesting the career you deserve. You may be surprised to find it’s easier than you think.

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