How to unleash the power of full moon water

full moon waterAncient wisdom and magick can be used to promote healing, attract love and money and give us intuitive guidance. One way to enhance our magickal abilities is to use full moon water. 

It’s no secret that the moon is powerful. We can use the moon’s rays to charge our crystals and we’ve heard stories about how the moon can even impact people’s behavior. We can also use the power of the moon to infuse in our water so it can refresh our bodies, cleanse us and be used in rituals. When we allow water to be touched by the moon’s rays, they touch the energy of the water and make it more powerful. The water literally takes on some of the energetic qualities of the full moon.

There are many ways you can benefit from water that has been charged in the full moon. You can drink it (and you may be surprised to find that it tastes differently from regular water.) You can put it in your bath water so that it can help to cleanse your body and your energy field. You can use it to water your plants. (This may be particularly helpful if your plants are not as healthy as you would like.) You can use full moon water in rituals, you can use it when creating your own essential oils and you can use it when cooking or making tea.

How to Make Full Moon Water

So how do you make full moon water? The next time there is a full moon, get yourself a container, preferably made of glass and fill it with water. While you can use any kind of water, I recommend using purified or filtered water rather than tap.

Next, set an intention for the water. What do you intend to use it for? Do you want it to help you with a certain area of your life? For example, do you want the water to help you to cultivate courage? Do you want the water to help you to cut psychic cords with someone? Do you want the water to help you to attract love or money into your life? Whatever your intention, state it silently to yourself once you’ve filled the container with water.

Then sit the water where it can soak in the full moon’s rays. It’s best for the container to be directly in the moonlight, so if you can leave it outside overnight that would be ideal. You might also put the container on the window ledge if you have a good view of the moon from your window.

Once the water has been under the moon’s rays for a few hours, you’re done. You can use the water in any way that you see fit and know that your intention is being addressed by the Universe.


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