How to trust your gut

psychicNo matter how tempted you may be to ask others for advice, nobody knows more about what you should do in your life than you. If you’re constantly turning to outside sources to guide you on your path, you need to look inward. Learning to trust your gut needs to become a top priority.

How many times have you ignored your instincts because of what someone else thought you should do only to regret it later? Many people believe that their intuition isn’t strong enough, but the real problem may be that you’re just not trusting your inner voice. If you’re afraid to do what you instinctively know is right, you are not taking advantage of one of your greatest assets in this lifetime.

If you want to get more comfortable trusting your gut, consider the following tips.

Record your hunches. We live in a society that values logic, so you might have to convince your logical mind that your gut is, in fact, worth listening to. Keep a journal in which you jot down your gut instincts about different situations. Then at a later time, go back through the journal and see how many times you were right. When you see how good your track record is, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable going with your gut in the first place.

Notice your body. If you’re not sure what your gut would have you do, take a moment and get still. Think about the question you have and then think about the various answers one at a time. Pay attention to your body when you think about each possible answer. Notice if your body feels lighter or more comfortable when you think about one answer in particular. If it does, that is the answer that feels the best to you at your core.

Take a risk. If you have an adventurous spirit, you can become more trusting of your gut by simply doing what you instinctually feel. Every time you have an intuition and you immediately follow it, your intuition grows and you become more comfortable trusting your gut. When you prove to yourself that your gut is your ally, you’ll be in a better position to use it and to benefit from it.

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