How to teach the Law of Attraction to kids

kids-law-of-attractionWhen did you discover the Law of Attraction? If you were an adult who had already made many mistakes in your life because you didn’t understand how manifestation worked, you likely wished you had learned these principles when you were a child. Imagine where you’d be in your life today if you knew from childhood that thoughts become things, and how important it is to set intentions and expectations in life. What if you were taught to treasure your imagination? What if you were taught to focus on the positive, express gratitude for your blessings and know that success is yours?

We’ve all heard stories of adults destroying a child’s confidence by telling that child that he could not do or be something. I bet you even know someone who is afraid to try certain things because of something a parent or well-meaning adult said to him or her during their childhood. Perhaps you are that child.

If you have a child or there’s a child in your life that you love, you can make sure that they are better prepared for adulthood by understanding how the Law of Attraction works. An excellent set of books created to teach the Law of Attraction to children can help you to do that. offers a set of ebooks for kids that can change the way they think. With titles such as The Secret of Making Wishes Come True, How to Get the Things You Want, and Go For Your Goals, the books are illustrated and have storylines that children will relate to.

The books teach the importance of goal-setting and visualization. Think about how imaginative children are. Most of us stop using our imaginations when we become adults to focus on ‘what’s realistic.’ However, these books let your children know that you should never stop using your imagination, and it shows them how to focus on their goals and dreams early, before they become hampered with negative thoughts.

The site lets you see samples of the books, but here’s an excerpt that I love:

How would you like to learn how to get the things you want?  Children’s stories say fairies or genies make wishes come true,  but really, you have everything it takes to get the things you  want and make wishes come true yourself. It doesn’t take magic,  except for the kind you already have inside you. Another word  for “wishes” is “desires,” and another word for “coming true” is “manifesting.” 

If you have a child or know a child that you’d like to have the leg up on manifesting that you wish you had, consider teaching him or her early about how the Law of Attraction works. These books will help you in that endeavor.

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