How to read sexual vibes

Couple Holding Hands at BarHave you ever felt uncomfortable by a look someone gave you or felt like their stare was intrusive? If so, you’ve likely experienced the real energetic pull of sexual energy.

In Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love by Judith Orloff, Dr. Orloff describes how sexual energy can either be ‘heartfelt’ or ‘intrusive.’ She writes: In our busy lives we get hit by so much, so fast. Sexual vibes are a major part of that assault (especially relevant if you’re an overwhelmed empath.)

Are you an empath?

Empaths pick up on the emotions, feelings and sometimes the motives of others. If you are an empath, the vibes of others can literally hit you over the head. Sexual energy is strong, so you would be even more likely to feel its impact on you.

Intuition allows us to feel a person’s energy even if they’re not telling us what they’re thinking or feeling.  Those of us who are particularly sensitive to energy may be even more impacted by aggressive feelings that one person may have toward us.

Just as you can sense if someone is sad or having a bad day, you can often sense their sexual vibes, particularly if that person has strong sexual feelings toward you.

Sometimes someone’s strong sexual vibes can be welcome. If you’re attracted to someone and flirting with that person, you’re both likely transferring strong sexual vibes. You may find that you like what you’re picking up about how the other person feels about you.

But just as often, sexual vibes can be unwelcome if someone is having romantic feelings toward you that you do not return.

So how do you know you’re picking up on someone’s sexual vibes?

In all circumstances, you should honor your feelings. For example, if someone makes you uncomfortable but they haven’t done anything overtly wrong, trust that you are picking up vibes of some sort that aren’t sitting right with you.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone couldn’t be trusted? Hopefully you trusted your instincts as many of us sometimes learn too late why we felt the way we did.

Sometimes it’s evident that we’re picking up on someone’s sexual vibes. For example, the person may intrude upon your personal space. Or he or she may stare at you too long or make overt gestures toward you.

Other times it might be more subtle. If you sense that you want to be around this person and you sense that they also want to be around you, go with it. But if you feel violated (and don’t understand why) or even threatened, heed your instincts and trust that you’re picking up on someone’s aggressive sexual vibes.

If you are unsure, there are also some psychics who can pick up details telepathically about your relationships and how others are feeling about you at this time.

But don’t just acknowledge what you’re picking up about the situation; act on it. If you feel particularly uncomfortable, remove yourself from the presence of the person if possible. If not, try to enlist the presence of others. For example, have someone else be with you when you have to interact with this person.

Vibes are real, and the more intuitive you allow yourself to become, the more likely you’ll pick up on the vibes of others – sexual and otherwise.

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  1. Great article…only on occasion i’ve experienced this when i am playing out and then i have to put up “the wall” letting people know that i am only there on business. As an entertainer, who is empathic, this does get really weird and at times i feel i have to walk with my guard up.


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