How to read Angel Oracle Cards

What do you do when you have questions in your life, such as whether you should pursue a certain relationship or whether you’re on a profitable career journey? If you want to learn how to answer these questions for yourself, learn how to read Angel Oracle Cards, and if you really want to be good at it, consider learning from a master psychic.

While Tarot Cards are one of the most popular tools for psychic work and divination, they aren’t the only types of Cards that can shed light on your life. Oracle Cards are similar to Tarot Cards, but they differ in that you don’t have different suits that reflect different areas of your life. For example, if you’re familiar with Tarot Cards, you likely know that cards that fall under the suit of Cups may describe relationships or emotional issues in your life.  But with Oracle Cards, each card basically stands alone. The image on the card provides all of the information that your intuition needs to work its magic. You don’t have to know what any suits stand for or the meanings behind them.

Another difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards is that the images on Oracle Cards tend to be more positive and uplifting. It’s not unusual for Oracle Cards to feature pictures of Angels or Fairies or even Mermaids. Some of the cards in a Tarot Deck can be downright scary, such as the image of a person with a host of knives in his back. Oracle Cards typically have brighter and more inspiring images.

Doreen Virtue is known for her teachings about Angels, as well as her work with Oracle Cards. If you really want to become proficient at using the cards, she’s offering a four-lesson virtual course called Advanced Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards.  Through the course, you can become comfortable seeking answers to your greatest questions through your own psychic connection. You can also use the Cards and your knowledge to do readings for friends and loved ones.

One of the first things you’ll learn in the course is how to interpret the symbols that are found in the Oracle Cards, as well as in Angel Tarot Cards. Angel numbers, crystals, flowers, plants and animals all show up in the Cards and can influence the reading. Virtue shows you how to interpret those images when they come up, as well as how to identify which aspects of the cards are most important for the reading.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own spread, you’ll learn how to do this as well through the course. Card spreads — the order in which Oracle Cards or Tarot Cards are laid out — have as much to do with the reading as the cards themselves. The same card can have different meanings depending upon where the card falls in the spread. If you’re not comfortable creating your own spread, you’ll also learn through the course spreads that have already been created that you can use.

Oracle Cards aren’t the only tools that this course talks about. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine have created a set of Tarot Cards called Angel Tarot Cards, and the course walks you through the understanding of each of those cards and how they relate to your current life and path.

If you’ve ever seen Doreen Virtue give psychic readings, you know that she is a powerful psychic. By studying directly under her, you’ll gain access to some of the metaphysical secrets she’s learned in her years of psychic development.  In the process, you’ll also empower yourself to use Angel Oracle Cards or Angel Tarot Cards to see what’s coming down the road in your love life, career and finances, and — if you’re interested — even make a little extra money reading Angel Oracle Cards or Angel Tarot Cards for others. In fact, you’ll get a certificate for taking this course, which you can hang up to show potential clients that you’ve received your training directly from Doreen Virtue.  Grow your psychic ability in leaps and bounds by signing up for Advanced Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards here.

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