How to Let Go and Surrender to the Universe

Putting spiritual practices to work, or applying them, can be tricky. Sure, it’s easy to read a book about the Law of Attraction and feel excited and inspired for a couple of weeks, but it’s another thing to live the principles and watch them unfold. One of the  most difficult aspects of the Law of Attraction: trusting that you’ll reach your desired endpoint without worrying about the details.

For those who have that problem, one of my favorite Law of Attraction gurus Mike Dooley has the perfect analogy. He says that you can compare the Law of Attraction to a GPS system. (Think of it as that big GPS system in the sky.) When you get in your car and use your GPS system, what do you do? You enter the end point or your destination and you trust your GPS to do the rest.

You don’t suggest which way your GPS should send you. Rather, you trust that it will use its database of satellite knowledge and find the quickest, most expedient way to get there.

And what happens if you make a wrong turn? NO PROBLEM when you use your handy GPS system. You can never get lost. Your system simply re-calibrates and gives you the best route to get to your destination from your current route.

Now think about how that translates to the Law of Attraction. When you set the intention to achieve your desired outcome and you focus on that outcome and trust that you’re being led in the most expedient manner, you give the power to the Universe. You have faith that your GPS will get you to your destination, don’t you? You don’t have doubts. You surrender to the system. Can you also surrender to the Universe?

If you like the GPS analogy, you’ll probably like the other ways that Mike Dooley breaks down the Law of Attraction. His course Playing the Matrix helps you to see just how much power you have to change your life. Dooley changed his own life by applying these principles.

You may be familiar with Mike Dooley from his saying, “thoughts become things.” Or you may receive his free emails Notes from The Universe. (If you don’t get these emails, sign up. I look forward to receiving my email every week day and it’s one of the first things I read each morning.)

Dooley and his brother used to own a t-shirt store but it shut down and he had the experience that many of us have at some point of having to start all over again from scratch. With little money and a failed business, Dooley started playing with the Law of Attraction and he discovered some techniques that made it work for him. I’ve found that Dooley’s techniques and his unique perspective have also helped the Law of Attraction to work better for me. Click here to learn more about the six-week course.

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