How to increase your Law of Attraction success

Earlier I wrote about Wallace D. Wattles’ classic Law of Attraction book The Science of Getting Rich. The book breaks down Law of Attraction concepts in logical terms. It focuses on money and the art of training your mind to expect and receive prosperity. When I read the book, I had been experiencing a lull. You know the feeling. We’ve all had moments when we have wondered if the things we believe are really true. Those moments of self-doubt when we choose not to focus on all of the evidence that shows us that we’re creating more of the life circumstances we want and focus instead on the one area where we’re struggling. That particular day, I had experienced a setback and I had that powerless thought, “maybe I’m not meant to have this.” In an act of synchronicity, less than an hour after I had that thought, I was listening to a metaphysical radio show when someone mentioned how The Science of Getting Rich changed her life.

money2While I don’t act on every book suggestion I hear, something inside of me moved me to action and I immediately downloaded the book. When I read the book, it lifted my spirits, reaffirmed my beliefs and in a matter of days I saw evidence that my higher vibration was attracting more favorable things into my life. My setback turned out not to be so much of a setback as a misunderstanding. (In retrospect,  I also realized that the setback and my foul mood had both occurred during Mercury Retrograde, a time in which connections are often missed and communication can take a hit. )

Well, I started telling other Law of Attraction practitioners about the book and I suggested that they pick up a copy or download it on Kindle just to get a refresher course that could be helpful to them. I also thought that I’d like to learn more about Wattles’ take on the Law of Attraction. I wished for a course or some other opportunity to delve deeper into the philosophy of shifting your thoughts and “acting in a certain way,” as Wattles called it. I’m particularly drawn to Wattles’ work and philosophy because he goes beyond the thought process to talk in depth about acting in certain ways that fuel success. When you take action, you show that your belief is real. I can say that I value healthy eating, but do I really mean it if I eat cookies and donuts all day and rarely take in a vegetable? It will be harder to see the results you want from the Law of Attraction without taking some action. However, too much action can sabotage your plans. Wattles shows you exactly what type of action to take.

Then another synchronicity happened. I came across a course that lets you delve deeper into the Science of Getting Rich. Have you seen The Secret? If so, then you’re probably familiar with Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) and Michael Beckwith. Each of these Law of Attraction gurus shared their unique strategies for embracing the Law of Attraction and experiencing success with it. Now they have a course in which they delve deep into The Science of Getting Rich, explaining the principles even more clearly, and helping you to not just learn the concepts, but to apply them.

If you’ve ever read a book and been inspired only to find yourself back in your old frustrated state a couple of weeks later, you know how important it is to apply a new concept immediately if you truly want to incorporate it into your life. I know someone who embarked on a new career and he would attend a variety of workshops on ways to be more successful in his endeavor. One of the things that he did was he instituted a rule. He would apply what he learned in a workshop within 24 hours. If he didn’t see favorable results in a short period of time, he would not repeat the process, and he would find another workshop.

This digital course on the Science of Getting Rich comes with 17 lessons by  Bob Proctor, Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield. (You don’t have to purchase the book because a digital copy comes with the course.) You can listen to the lessons on your iPod while you’re in the gym or play it during your commute to work, which will give you a way to really capitalize on your time. Through the course:

  1. You’ll learn how to avoid the four biggest mistakes Law of Attraction practitioners make (and yes, I’m sure you’ve made at least one of them; I know I’ve made three of the four).
  2. You’ll learn about specific ways that you can apply the principles. For example, in one of the lessons you’ll learn what you can do when you go to work tomorrow to not only make the day go smoother but to advance your career and speed up your money-making potential immediately.
  3. You’ll learn what it typically means when you’re experiencing a delay in getting something you want. Once you understand the source of the delay, you’ll learn what you can do immediately to  speed things up.

The most powerful thing about the Science of Getting Rich is that it shows you that the Law of Attraction is not some wishy-washy dream and your success is not at the whim of fate; it is in fact very scientific. If you do steps A, B and C, you’ll see results D, E and F. If you’re not seeing the right results, there is something you can adjust to improve your outcome. Once you realize it’s just like geometry, algebra or trigonometry, you can take steps to make sure you get the tutoring you need to get the results that you want. The Science of Getting Rich course is your opportunity to get that tutoring session on the Law of Attraction.   We all know education is a worthy investment. Invest in your ability to achieve more wealth, love, and success in your life by downloading The Science of Getting Rich course today. Click here to download.

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