How to Increase Synchronicity

Life is a series of choices. We are always faced with a choice, and we are always asked to decide where we are going to go next. Even when we do nothing, we make a choice. Sometimes it makes sense to be still and wait before making a move. Other times, people avoid making choices and they live passively, allowing life to happen to them rather than engaging in the world. One way to determine which choice we should make is to look for synchronicity — signs from the Universe that we are on the right track or that we should move in a certain direction.

increase synchronicitySynchronicity can take on many forms. It may be an animal that crosses our path to give us a message. It may be a number that we see over and over again. When we have a moment of synchronicity it feels good, because it shows us that there is something greater going on and that we have support from the Universe.

For many of us, synchronicity seems to be random. It seems to happen out of the blue. In many cases, it happens when we find ourselves at the end of our ropes. It may in fact be our Spirit Guides sending us a lifeline. But the good news is that we can increase the synchronicity in our lives. We can literally ensure that we get signs from the Universe more often to help us make decisions as we move forward on our paths.

Steps to Increase Synchronicity

So how can you increase synchronicity in your life? First, you want to set the intention. Let the Universe know that you want signs of what to do next. We have free will, and your Spirit Guides will often leave you alone (as long as you are not hurting yourself) and wait for you to ask for help. Ask.

Then you want to expect to see more synchronicity. When you expect something, magic happens. Doubt and disbelief keep things at bay, but an expectation that synchronicity will come lets the Universe know that it is welcome.

Next, it’s important to know what questions you have. There is always a prevailing question in your life. There is always at least one area that you are moving forward in where you need to know what to do next. Practice asking those questions in your head. For example, if you’re unhappy in your current job, you may be thinking about looking for another job. The question you may ask yourself is, “Should I put my resume out now?” Then, look for signs of synchronicity.

Once you have that answer, update your question. Your question might now be, “Where should I focus my job search?” Then, once again, be open to the signs that will tell you what direction to go in next.

Finally, show gratitude. The things in our lives that we are grateful for grow. When you express gratitude for synchronicity that has shown up in your life you increase the chance that it will happen again because the Universe gives you more of what you focus on with gratitude.


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