How to improve any relationship fast

We all have relationships that aren’t going so well. Not simply romantic partnerships, but also friendships, business relationships and even family unions can take a negative turn. Sometimes time and spfriendsace can heal a soured relationship. However, there are instances when you have to work closely with someone and you need to improve a relationship quickly. In most situations, this can be done.

When we have a bad relationship with someone, we often focus on the worst things about them. If we don’t get along with our boss, we may think about how annoying he is or how he never gives us the credit that we deserve.

While it’s natural to think this way, we do ourselves a disservice because we attract more of those bad experiences to us. Our expectations often pave the way for reality. If we expect people to treat us poorly, we often create those very circumstances.

If you’re only thinking about how your boss never gives you credit, don’t be surprised when it happens again and again.

If you want to improve your relationship with someone quickly, you want to think about the most positive things you can think of about that person. Don’t lie to yourself or make up good things that aren’t true. That won’t do any good because you won’t really believe it. Instead, try to come up with one or two good qualities even if it’s something superficial such as you like the way that person dresses.

When you think about something positive about a person you have a challenging relationship with, your energy toward that person instantly changes. You’re in a more positive frame of mind. And when you’re focusing on the positive things, you’re not paying as much attention to the negative things so they begin to lose their grip.

Watch how that person begins to get on your nerves less and less. What you focus on grows, so as you focus on the small things that you admire about that person, you’ll find more and more things to admire. The person will likely pick up on your positive thoughts subconsciously and while they may not be able to understand it, they may feel more comfortable around you, as well.

While you may never become best buddies, you can improve the relationship to the point where it’s easier to work together. That’s a win-win for all.

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