How to grow through the pain

Practical Wisdom That Works columnist Fenesha Hubbard.

When you’re in pain, whether physical, financial or emotional, it seems as if all of your senses focus solely on the discomfort.  You feel it intensely; the pain can be triggered by things you hear, and you want nothing more than to see a pain-free existence.  To quote an empathic writer, pain for pain’s sake is cruel.  There is a lesson behind the pain that, when learned, makes the journey to pleasure bearable and even a bit enjoyable.

If you are a student of metaphysics, chances are that you have learned to apply the universal laws to your life.  However, pain of any kind can cause a metaphysical relapse.  Rather than dwell on the pain, choose to be in it and acknowledge that your pain really does exist — it exists to help you grow.

Your growth occurs when you apply the spiritual tools you’ve learned that can move you beyond the pain.

Shifting your perspective is one way that you can elevate your pain to pleasure.  Rather than focus on the pain, draw your attention to the fact that you are in the process of moving through the pain.

This strategy was introduced by Michael Losier as a way to apply the Law of Attraction. The universal Law of Attraction works wonderfully when things are going well!  However,  challenging situations can easily result in you focusing more and more on that challenging situation.  You can apply the Law of Attraction by being in the process of getting what you desire, which is moving beyond that challenging situation.

Remember that the least life can be to you is good, so choose to find the good in your pain.  See your pain as an opportunity to employ a metaphysical healing modality and strengthen your manifesting muscles and grow.  This is a great way to remind yourself of the power within you.

Fenesha Hubbard, a student of metaphysics for nearly 25 years, facilitates learning by helping people navigate difficult topics with ease. She is a lover of life and chooses to make it great daily. Check her out at

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