How to give your pets spiritual protection

dogIf you’re not an animal person, you’ll never understand this so you might as well move onto the next blog post. But many of us consider our pets to be our children, our best friends, our closest confidantes. Those of us who are sensitive to energy have experienced the comfort of having a pet who senses our moods and seems to communicate with us telepathically.

So just as a parent worries about a child, many of us worry about our pets. And we want our pets to be kept as safe as possible.

How would you like to be able to give your pet an extra level of protection from his or her own guardian angel? A course by Hay House purports to do just that.

Diana Cooper is an expert on angels as well as an animal lover. She has crafted an online course designed to help you better communicate with your angels so that you can request divine support for your pet. The course will introduce you to the angel of animals, known as Archangel Fhelyai.

The course also provides insight on how to better communicate with your pet. If your pet is nearing the end of his or her life, the course provides guidance on helping your pet with the transition to the other side.

If you have multiple pets, the course might give you some insight into strengthening the bonds between your entire animal family.

While you don’t have to be a pet lover to appreciate this course (it focuses on angel communication as well), you’ll likely be able to find a different angel course that might be more relevant if animals are not a focal point of your concern. As always only buy something if you feel the inner call to do so.

Our relationships with our pets are often our strongest bonds. Know your pets, appreciate them and love them. Your life will be richer for it. Click here to learn more about the course.

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