How to get better self-help results

If you read this blog, chances are you’re a person who values personal growth and development. You’ve probably read self-help books, possibly taken self-help courses and you enjoy a good motivational speech. A new concept can give you a high for days, but then you fall back into your everyday rut and you realize you haven’t gotten the results that you wanted. Does that sound familiar?

If so, here’s a question for you. Are you really putting your heart into doing the inner work that personal growth requires?

Here’s a personal litmus test for you. When you’re reading through a self-help book and the author lays out some questions for you to answer, or some journaling work to do, do you take the time to actually do it? Do you spend time on the inner work exercises or do you simply barrel through the book in an attempt to get to the end and discover the secret piece of information that will solve all of your problems?

If you simply gloss over the concepts or even read them without taking the time to go deep, which is what the exercises require, you may feel good for a week or two as you marvel in the concepts, but inevitably, your life will remain the same and your problems will continue to plague you. External circumstances have less of an affect on your life than internal circumstances. In order to change your external circumstances, you must make some adjustments internally.

Sure, everyone makes internal adjustments over time. But when you take the time to journal, answer thought-provoking questions and complete personal growth exercises, you make internal adjustments faster than you would otherwise. And the faster you change your inner world, the faster you change your outer world.

So the next time you’re reading a personal growth or self-help book and ¬†you refuse to take the time to do the work, you will be agreeing to stick with your external problems a little longer. It’s all your choice.

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