How to clear negative energy for a new start

negative energyWhether you’re looking for a new start for a new year, or you just want to launch a new beginning, it’s important to know how to clear negative energy beforehand. There are many ways that your past can come back to haunt you. Psychic cords can keep you attached energetically to people who you would rather leave behind. The clutter in your home can keep you connected to past events and traumas even if you believe you are ready to put them behind you. You can also be plagued with thoughts and memories, as well as lingering emotions, that keep you chained to yesterday’s pain. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of these connections to the past. And unfortunately, you can’t truly build a healthy future if you are still connected to the past.

One area where this is particularly true is in relationships. Have you ever embarked on a new relationship before you had truly gotten over a past love? Or have you embarked on a relationship with someone else and then learned that that person wanted to get their ex back? If so, you likely have learned the hard way that in order for a new love to have a chance, the old loves must truly be put in the past.

So how do you clear negative energy to launch a new start?

1. Clear your space. One of the best ways to clear negative energy is to do a massive cleaning by decluttering your house and decluttering your wardrobe. Don’t just go after the dust bunnies and misplaced items; take trash bags and discard those items that are no longer in alignment with your energy. Give away clothing and other items that no longer resonate with you.  As you grow and evolve energetically, you’ll find that items that once meant something to you no longer do. Those items were aligned with your old energy. Celebrate your personal growth by giving yourself permission to let go and make space for items that resonate more with who you are today.

2. Reconsider relationships. Just like trees need to be pruned, your relationships sometimes need to be reassessed and some may even need to be discarded. As you grow and move in different directions, you sometimes move away from those you were once close to. Are there people in your life whose company you no longer enjoy? Are there people who don’t understand you, or who don’t support you? If there are toxic people who compete with you or are jealous of you, that’s a no-brainer. Move away from these people and set an intention to spend more time and energy with people who make you feel good and who support your higher good. If there are past relationships that you’re still connected to, you might even consider visiting with a psychic or other spiritual healer who can help you to cut the psychic cords.

3. Balance your chakras. Your chakras, or energy centers, can easily become imbalanced, and when that happens, that can lead to emotional distress and physical illness. When you’re looking to clear negative energy for a new start, you want to pay special attention to your chakras and make sure that they are balanced. Meditations and energy clearing techniques can help you to determine which of your chakras need balancing, as well as how to balance them. You can even use tapping to clear your chakras.


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