How to boost your belief in the power of the mind to heal

When you’re going through a rough emotional time, such as the death of a loved one or a break-up with a romantic partner, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never feel good again. The same goes when you’ve been diagnosed with an illness or you have medical ailments that don’t seem to be going away no matter what you do.

But that’s exactly when you need to trust in the power of the mind to heal. While we like to be in control of things, the mind works in a more subconscious way to tackle our physical, mental and emotional illnesses and lead us back to health. Luckily there are a number of resources to help us to understand that mind body healing is a very real thing. The more positive we are that we are going to feel better the more powerful our mind and body will be when it comes to fighting off sadness, depression, illness and other ailments.

It’s up to us to do what we can to renew our faith in the power of the mind to heal. One way to do this is to read the stories of others, seeing how they have applied the principles of mind body healing to their lives. The following works fall into that category, as the authors have personal experiences with using the power of the mind to heal themselves. Reading about their journeys can remind you of the mind’s innate healing abilities and help you to feel better about your own physical and mental health. After all, you can heal yourself. If you’re a healer, it may even be part of your journey to heal yourself so that you can be a better healer to others.

adhesive bandage on white backgroundIn the Inside-Out Wellness 4 CD Lecture, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Christiane Northrup, two best-selling authors and experts in the field of mind body healing, talk about how to change your negative thought pattern to one of health and peace. Dyer has recently undergone a health challenge of his own. You may have recently seen him on the OWN Network’s SuperSoul Sunday talking about how he used his knowledge of the mind-body connection to his advantage in his fight against leukemia. He is currently in remission.  Northrup has been telling women for years about how our bodies have an innate wisdom that often uses illness to get our attention. For example, often women experience certain ailments such as fibroid tumors because of emotional blocks that we have in certain areas of our lives. If we’re feeling bitter about unsatisfying love relationships, for example, we might end up coming down with a certain physical illness. Her landmark work Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom is the hallmark for women who are looking to understand why they become ill, and how to use our minds and spirits to for the ultimate healing of our bodies.

Another product that can renew your faith in the power of the mind to heal is All Is Well. In the book, Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz draw a connection between intuition, affirmations and medical science to help readers to create a spiritual healing method to complement their medical regimen. In the book, they describe how the body has seven emotional centers (which correspond to the seven chakras). They then describe how there are mental causes for physical illnesses and help readers to come up with a way to heal the mind, which will them facilitate healing in the body. Shultz, by the way, is a medical intuitive and a physician, so she is wonderful at bridging Eastern and Western approaches to medicine. Hay built an empire based on her beliefs in mind body healing, and she speaks often about how she cured herself of cervical cancer many years ago.


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