How to Ask the Universe for What You Want

If you’ve ever been drawn to the Law of Attraction, you’ll want to learn how to ask the Universe for what you want. It’s actually quite simple; you can use the knowledge you’ve already amassed in your dining life.

ask the universe for what you wantWhat if you were hungry and you decided to order from Uber Eats. When you called, would you tell them to give you whatever they wanted to give you? Or would you tell them you just know you like chicken but you’re not sure what exactly you want. How do you think that experience would turn out?

What if you ordered steak, but then changed that to a chicken pot-pie and then changed it again to pineapple pizza? What are the chances that you would come away with a mixed-up order?

Say you really loved lobster and that was ideally what you wanted. But you didn’t say that because you didn’t want to put the Uber Eats driver through any trouble and you knew burgers were more plentiful so you’d take whatever was there. Would you do that?

What would you do if you ordered from Uber Eats and they brought the wrong order? Would you eat it even though you didn’t want it, throw it away and not eat dinner that night or would you send it back so that you could get what you asked for?

If you’re wondering how to ask the Universe for what you want, think of the Universe as a giant delivery service that takes your order and serves up what you want. If you don’t tell it what you want or you’re vague on the details, that’s what it will serve up to you — you’ll basically get a hit or miss.

Here’s another thing to consider: If you don’t know what you want, the Universe will help you to gain clarity. It will send something your way to help you figure out what you want. But here’s the thing. The Universe starts with the lowest common denominator. Typically, you figure out what you want when you come away with something that you do NOT want. Then the Universe would have done its job of helping you to gain some clarity.

So say you didn’t give the Universe any instructions (which is the same thing as telling the Universe ‘I don’t know what I want.’) And the Universe sends you a big sandwich with mayonnaise on it. And you bite into it and you realize you HATE mayonnaise.

So now you have a little more information. Since you know what you don’t want, you also know more about what you do want. But here’s where it gets a little tricky. The Universe doesn’t understand the word ‘no.’ So if you tell the Universe ‘I don’t want mayonnaise,’ the Universe reads that as ‘I do want mayonnaise,’ and what do you get? Another big sandwich stacked high with mayonnaise.

So if you want to ask the Universe for what you want, instead of saying to the Universe, ‘I don’t want mayonnaise,’ you should say, ‘I like mustard.’ Ding ding ding! And the Universe will deliver you a sandwich with plenty of mustard – YAY!

But there is nothing on it but mustard and that’s a little boring. So then you think about it. What would make the sandwich taste better? You see a friend of yours eating a ham and mustard sandwich and that looks really good. So you tell the Universe, I’d like a ham and mustard sandwich please.

And you sit back and the Universe returns with a ham and mustard sandwich all wrapped up with a pretty bow. But then you think, I’d really like a better grade of bread. This bread is sticking to the roof of my mouth. And so then you realize that since the Universe is doing such a great job of serving you what you want, it really makes sense to spend some time thinking about the things you want so the Universe can get it right the next time.

So you go to the grocery store and look in the bakery at the breads. And decide which one you like best. You might even see if you can taste the various breads. Then you might google ‘ham sandwiches’ to see what comes up and see if you get any ideas about what kind of ham sandwich you want. You might even cut out a picture of a ham sandwich that looks good. And you send that order to the Universe and you get a ham sandwich that uses the kind of bread you want and it looks just like the one in the picture.

But when you taste it, it’s disgusting. And you realize you forgot to tell the Universe that you wanted it to be delicious.

So now, not only do you tell the Universe how you want it to look, but you tell the Universe how the experience should feel. You tell the Universe that it should be the most delicious ham sandwich you ever had and that it should be satisfying to you in every way. So now when you order, you say what you know you want and wait for it to be served up to you. That’s how you ask the Universe for what you want.

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