How often should you use affirmations?

Earlier we discussed how affirmations can help you, and explored some tips on using affirmations. This post is about frequency and how often you should do them.

Affirmation3When working with affirmations, you must commit to a regular practice. Many people talk about how affirmations don’t work for them, but if you ask them how long and how often they worked with them, they often didn’t give the technique a chance to make a difference. When you’re changing your life from the inside out (which is the only way that is effective), you must commit to giving the technique some time.

So how long should you work with your affirmations? For as long as it takes. There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Work with your affirmations until you start to see changes in your life. Then continue to work with them until you’re satisfied that the new thoughts are so ingrained in your mind that they are influencing your day-to-day creation process.

When it comes to using affirmations, I like the idea of writing them down. When you write something (long-hand, using a pen) you are exerting even more energy, as the thoughts flow from your brain to your hand. I don’t recommend using a computer or electronic device. There is value in writing things down the old way.

Many metaphysical contracts in history were signed with blood. One would prick his or her finger and sign an oath with blood, which was spiritually binding. I’m not suggesting that you write affirmations using blood, but you may want to use a red pen when writing them to symbolize the important nature of the work that you’re doing.

There is no hard and fast rule about how many times you should write an affirmation or repeat it. I like to use the number seven. I write the affirmation in long-hand seven times daily, and repeat it in my mind as I do so. It’s also a good idea to repeat your affirmations at night before going to sleep or in the morning upon waking up. Those are the times when your subconscious is most vulnerable to your suggestions (before the conscious mind is alert and taking control.)

Another way you can work with affirmations is by listening to them (recording them and playing them over and over again.)


Now that you know a little about affirmations, why not try working with one or two of them.

Come up with an affirmation that reflects a current desire being magnetized into your life. Remember to make it positive and in present tense. Also, I suggest you make it believable today. For example, I am energetically connected to my true love; My soulmate is coming into my life; Money is flowing easily and effortlessly into my life.

Write it seven times daily.

Repeat it seven times before going to sleep at night.


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