Law of Attraction money: How LOA fixed my cashflow problem

One of the most asked about Spiritual Laws is the Law of Attraction. The basic premise: All things are made up of energy, and you attract into your life things that have a similar vibration to what you’re vibrating.  Your feelings give you an indication of what you’re vibrating. If you’re feeling lonely and frustrated, that’s what you’re vibrating, and you’re going to attract more loneliness and frustration into your life. Likewise, if you’re feeling joyful and abundant, that’s what you’re vibrating, and you’ll attract more joy and abundance into your life. Ever notice how when things are going good in your life, they’re going really good? And when they’re going bad, it just goes downhill from there? That’s the Law of Attraction in action, baby.

There will be plenty more posts describing different aspects of Law of Attraction on this blog, but if you’re interested in getting a good foundation, I’d suggest that you read Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires, by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

So one of the keys to Law of Attraction — often abbreviated as LOA — is to feel NOW the way you would feel when you have what you want.  In other words, since your vibration attracts a similar vibration, your current vibration must match that of what you want. So if you want more money, you have to start feeling NOW like you have more money. If you want that new honey, you have to start feeling NOW like he or she is already there. If you want money but feel overwhelmed with debt, you’re only going to attract more debt because you are not creating a vibrational match to wealth and abundance.

There are all kinds of techniques that can be used to help you to change your vibration — remember, the vibration must change before the circumstances will. One technique I’ve been using is to act ‘as if.’ I try to think about how I would be when I have what I want.

Example:  I have been plagued with cashflow problems in the past, since I am an independent consultant and checks sometimes don’t come on time (try never come on time). In fact I would make a daily trip (sometimes twice a day when I was feeling particularly pressed) to my post office to check my P.O. Box for delayed checks, only to feel frustrated when it was empty and then invariably I would worry about whether my checks would arrive in time for me to pay all of my bills. So I wanted to change this and wondered if LOA could help. I imagined what it would feel like if cashflow wasn’t an issue and if I had enough money to pay all of my bills. I asked myself, how would my actions change? Well, I wouldn’t go the post office every day. I’d already have everything I needed and I’d go to the post office more leisurely — say, once a week, and collect all of my checks and then just add them to my growing bank account. So, I incorporated that action. I stopped running to the post office frantically checking my P.O. Box, and in the process, I worried less since I wasn’t imagining unpaid bills every time the box was empty. And amazingly, whenever I’d go to the post office, the P.O. Box would be filled with multiple checks. Shortly after I started the process, a number of my clients paid me early! Holy-moly! Now that’s some LOA magic, right there!

Today, it’s true that I do have enough money in my account to go a couple of months so all of the checks that are coming  really aren’t necessary for my immediate bills. Today, I really can wait to go to the post office because cashflow is no longer a problem. Some would say this was all gearing up to happen anyway. I say that by acting as if I already had the money I needed and acting as if cashflow was great, I attracted the circumstances to coincide with my feelings and actions.  The LOA is definitely a piece of practical wisdom that works for me.

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