How chakra balancing can help your social life

Your chakras are energy vortexes around your body through which energy flows. Different chakras control different aspects of your life. When the energy is flowing freely through your chakras, your life works, you feel good, your anxiety is low, and all is well.

However, if your chakras become blocked, the energy in that aspect of your life will be stale and blocked. Since energy passes through the chakras, if one becomes blocked that could impact the flow of energy to the other chakras. That’s why when one area of your life gets out of balance, you’ll often notice that eventually other areas of your life may become unhinged, as well.

When your chakras are blocked for a long period of time, that can also impact your physical health and cause dis-ease.

What is chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is a healing technique that works to unblock the chakras. There is more than one way to balance the chakras. A spiritual healer could help you to unblock your chakras, or you can do so through meditations, visualization and various energy healing methods such as chakra tapping.

Once your chakras become balanced, you’ll likely notice changes to the way you feel, as well as in how people respond to you. When your chakras are blocked, you may notice that people tend to stay away from you. The reason this happens is because they’re picking up on the fact that your energy just doesn’t feel good to them. Your energy may be low, or you may unconsciously be draining them of their energy to try to compensate for your own weak energy flow.

When your chakras are blocked, you may notice relationships falling away, or people you spent a lot of time with in the past may lose interest in spending time with you today.

However, when your chakras are in balance, your energy feels good, not only to you but to those who are around you. Don’t be surprised if people seek you out to spend time with you. You may notice someone even increasing the time they spend around you or asking if you can spend more time together.

You may even notice relationships that you thought had ended become strong again.

Unfortunately, you might even notice that others start to drain your energy. Energy vampires are those who latch onto you, trying to take your energy because their own energy is weak. Energy vampires don’t latch onto people with blocked chakras; they feel better when they’re around those who have balanced chakras.

It’s important that you set boundaries when you’re dealing with energy vampires. Limit how much time you spend around them and visualize yourself separated from them by a giant, transparent bubble, which keeps your energy from being sucked away by them.

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