‘Help! My boyfriend thinks I’m a witch’

An email arrived in my inbox the other day from a reader who found herself in a precarious situation. She was in a relationship that had been going well until the topic of religion and spirituality started to come up in the relationship.

The reader explained that although she is a Christian, she has always considered herself to be a spiritual seeker. She wouldn’t classify herself as a ‘witch’ as she has never really studied that religion, but she is interested in New Age topics such as psychics, astrology, Law of Attraction and Tarot Cards. In fact, she has attended New Age spirituality workshops and she has tons of books on the topic.

Her boyfriend was looking at her bookshelf and saw books by such New Age authors as Sonia Choquette, Wayne Dyer and Abraham-Hicks and asked her how she could call herself a Christian and read such things. She said she downplayed her beliefs at the time, telling her boyfriend she just liked to be well-versed on different topics, but now she wonders if she did the right thing since her spirituality is very important to her.

This reader isn’t the only person in the world to feel this way. In fact, many people who are interested in New Age spirituality liken their public disclosure of their beliefs to ‘coming out.’ The unfortunate truth of the matter is that many people look at psychics and consider them to be fraudulent and even evil. Of course there are some bad apples and some psychic scammers out there, but there is much to be said about the power of psychic ability and the stories of how it has helped people throughout history.

If your spirituality is important to you, it is important that the people who are closest to you are able to accept that. If you are happy attending spiritual workshops and you feel motivated by reading Sonia Choquette, can you imagine a lifetime of giving that up or hiding your reading habit?

The reader knows in her heart that she was being untrue to herself when she denied her spiritual beliefs to her boyfriend, which is why she has been having such second thoughts. If she continues to be dishonest, in time, she will be forced to make a choice between her spiritual beliefs and her boyfriend.

However, she can also introduce her boyfriend to a new way of thinking. While he may not be open to embracing her spiritual beliefs, he may be willing to accept them if he understands that they are not a threat to his own beliefs about religion or spirituality.

There is nothing wrong with being a ‘witch’ or with having spiritual beliefs that are not mainstream. But if you can’t share that core, authentic side of you with the person who is supposed to be closest to you, nothing good can come. And you don’t have to be psychic to see that.



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