Healing emotional wounds: Re-imagining the past

healing emotional woundsWe all have events that took place in our life that are painful and difficult to think about. Often these events affect our current life. A childhood trauma may cause us to withdraw and avoid connecting with others. A job firing can leave our confidence shattered and cause us to torture ourselves with critical thoughts. Since our thoughts today affect what happens in our lives tomorrow, healing emotional wounds from the past is critical to moving forward in life successfully.

So how do you go about healing emotional wounds? One way is to re-imagine the past. Literally. Re-imagine the past.

I first heard about this concept while reading How to Rule the World from Your Couch by Laura Day. In the book, Day mentions that it’s possible to re-think an event that happened in the past. And so, I tried it.

Like too many people, I’ve experienced an incident of sexual trauma in my childhood. That incident has impacted my life in so many different ways. Its tentacles reach out and touch areas of my life that have nothing to do with relationships or sex. I also believe it has affected the way my life has unfolded. Since the incident affected my thinking, it affected my decisions and it therefore affected the paths I’ve chosen.

So I wondered how my life would have been different if the incident had never happened. I used this deep meditation MP3 and went down memory lane, bringing my thoughts to the moments before the incident took place. Only instead of THAT happening to me, I was safe and protected and OK. As I allowed the daydream to continue, I watched myself move forward in my life as a much happier and freer person. I also made different decisions. I carried the memories years into the future and I imagined how my life would have gone in an entirely different direction.

When I was finished, I felt remarkably lighter. But I still wasn’t sure that I had done anything monumental.

A few months later, I had a dream of the traumatic event, but in this dream, I had a new understanding of what happened. I awoke feeling a sense of healing. I felt like something inside of me had shifted.

I know from the way I reacted to events after the dream that I had indeed experienced a healing. Things that had bothered me since the traumatic event no longer bothered me. Intuitively I knew something had changed and I felt that it had started from my decision to re-imagine my past.

Healing emotional wounds: How to re-imagine

If you’re interested in healing emotional wounds and the idea of re-imagining your past appeals to you, consider the following tips:

—Go to a place where you won’t be disturbed for awhile. You want to allow the re-imaging to go on for as long as your mind has something to show you.

—Notice how you feel as you start to remember the incident, and also note how you feel as you change the details or the outcome.

—When coming up with an alternative outcome, choose what you wish would have happened, or choose what you would want to happen today.

By planting this new memory in your mind, it makes it easier to call up thoughts that are in alignment to what you want to manifest in your life. Once you plant that seed, in time you’ll see that you have produced a better harvest.


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