Got Economic Problems? Invest in This Crystal

economic problems

It doesn’t take a genius to see that people are struggling financially. The pandemic has sparked job losses, business closings and other economic problems. If you are worried that the economic fallout might land at your front door, take action now by giving yourself a little metaphysical help.

Citrine is a crystal that is known for attracting abundance into one’s life. Often that abundance comes in the form of financial prosperity.

If you know anything about crystals, you may know that every crystal maintains a steady vibration. When we come in contact with a particular crystal, its vibration will have an effect on our own vibration.

Manifesting is all about vibration and maintaining the vibration that is necessary to attract what we want to attract in our lives. This is how crystals can help us manifest our wishes. The key is giving the crystal enough time to work.

It’s not uncommon for economic problems to have someone feeling insecure, depressed and a sense of lack. Trust me when I say those feelings don’t vibrate at the same level as abundance. If you want to manifest money in a financially uncertain time, a piece of citrine may help you raise your vibration to change your circumstances.

I can remember buying a piece of citrine during a challenging financial period for me, and within a year my financial situation had turned completely around. At the time, I purchased a large piece of citrine and paid more than $100 for it. While you can certainly find smaller pieces of citrine at a lower cost, I felt like I wanted to show my faith in its ability to work for me. Plus, I wanted the larger crystal because I felt that it would have a bigger impact on my environment.

If you can get to a metaphysical shop that sells crystals, it can be helpful to pick up a crystal to see if that particular crystal vibes with you (though that might not be as practical or even possible in the age of COVID-19). You might also pick up on a crystal’s vibes just by looking at it. If you feel moved to buy it, do so.

You can also buy a piece of citrine online. One of my favorite online destinations to buy crystals is Energy Muse.

How your citrine can help solve your economic problems

Once you have your citrine, there are a number of things you can do to get the good vibes moving around you:

Meditate with your crystal. On a daily basis, take your crystal and hold it while you meditate. I like to visualize myself confidently spending money with the knowledge that there is plenty where that came from.

Rub your crystal. Sometimes just holding your crystal can make a difference. When I’m feeling anxious about money, I rub my citrine like Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp. Then, I release my fears and expect a happy outcome.

Place the citrine in your wealth corner. According to Feng Shui, your wealth corner is the far, left corner of your house or of a room. By putting your citrine in that part of your home you have two metaphysical systems working on your behalf.

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