Get Your Ex Back Revisited

One of the most popular blog posts on this site has to do with using the Law of Attraction to get your ex back. Many people apparently consider using magic and metaphysical knowledge to bring an old lover back into their lives. A program by a man named Andre Wilkie purports to help you do that. You can read about the program here.

loveHowever, before you go trying to use the Law of Attraction to get your ex back, think about the ethical consequences of what you’re doing. The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law. Applying it is a form of metaphysical or magical work. (Magic isn’t something that is evil or bad; it’s simply using spiritual or universal laws to get a certain outcome.)

Say you use the Law of Attraction to get your ex back and it works, but your ex really doesn’t want to come back to you. Or what if you use the Law of Attraction to resume your love affair and it works, but there was really a better more fulfilling relationship on the way to you that you have now blocked. You may have effectively blocked the greatest blessing thus far of your life.

(If this did happen and you blocked your blessing, the great person who was on the way into your life would not have his or her blessing blocked; the Universe would simply conspire to have that person meet and fall in love with another who was ready for a great relationship. You, on the other hand, would get what you wanted and you would be stuck in a relationship that would not have fulfilled you as much as the new one.)

A different Law of Attraction program that I recommend — Manifestation Miracle — takes a broader view of the Law of Attraction. In the ebook, life coach Heather Mathews writes: “How many times have you looked back at a situation in your life that you saw as negative at the time only to say, ‘I’m so glad that happened.’ You can now see it as the ‘blessing in disguise’ that it is.” Apply that thinking to your old relationship. In Manifestation Miracle, Mathews talks a lot about how relationships change when we shift our vibration and change our thoughts and beliefs. Well, if you’re trying to change your life in any way, you must change your thoughts and beliefs. So on the one hand, you’re wishing for something in life to change. Then, when things change (and some relationships fade out) we fight it and go looking for our ex — and hang on to the old life that we were trying to transform. Can you see how this is a losing proposition? Mathews does a good job of walking you through the process of getting comfortable with those changes as they happen, and aligning your thoughts so you can attract the RIGHT relationship into your life. It may turn out to be your ex, or it may turn out to be someone better. So does it really matter which one it is?

Using magic and metaphysical tools to influence your life are fine as long as they don’t harm anyone. It’s also important that you only use metaphysical tools and magic on someone who is willing to have you do so. Every person has a free will and should be able to make his or her choices without having someone else’s magic influencing them. How would you feel if someone put a lovespell on you or a curse on you without your permission? That is effectively what you’re doing when you are using Law of Attraction techniques to get a particular person to come back to you.

There’s nothing wrong with using the Law of Attraction to bring love into your life. Focus on the type of relationship that you want. What does it feel like? How does the person treat you? How does your life change because of the new relationship? Focus on all of those things rather than on a particular person filling that role. When you do so, the Law of Attraction may bring your ex back or someone better. Either way, you can’t lose. To learn more about Mathews’ philosophy and how the Law of Attraction can help you to attract the right relationship, click here.


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