Frustrated? The Law of Attraction is working

A popular misconception is that once the Law of Attraction starts working in your life you will no longer be frustrated. Wrong! In fact, frustration is a tool that can help you to attract what you want in your life. The beauty of frustration is that it shows you that you are focusing on the wrong thing. You are focusing on something that you don’t want and as a result at that moment you are moving in the wrong direction toward the very thing that you don’t want to happen in your life.

So why is that a good thing? It’s a good thing when you can recognize the fact that you’re traveling in the wrong direction because then you can simply turn yourself around. The Law of Attraction is a vibration game. The higher your vibration and the better you feel, the better the things you will attract. A low vibration will attract other things with a low vibration. If you feel bad, you’re going to attract other things that make you feel bad.

Think about a bad time in your life, and think about the people you spent the bulk of your time with at that time. The saying birds of a feather flock together is true because it’s all about vibration.

But when you raise your vibration and you feel good, you are going to attract things that keep you feeling good, whether it’s people, experiences or things.

So what do you do when you experience frustration? The most important thing is to stop doing whatever is making you feel frustrated. If it’s a person who is frustrating you, try to spend some time apart. If it is an action that is making you feel frustrated, stop what you are doing. Sometimes all you need to do is take a brief walk to get your mind off of whatever has been frustrating you. Other times, it may be more serious. It may take some persistent work with your thoughts to stop dwelling on something that is bringing frustration into your life.

Look for something that brings you joy. If you can’t find joy, then at least find something that makes you feel a little bit better than you felt before. Abraham-Hicks talk frequently about the importance of letting yourself feel incrementally better. You might not go from depression to feeling great, but you can go from being really depressed to only a little bit depressed.

The key to working with frustration is that you cannot stay there. Frustration is there to tell you something. As soon as you see what is frustrating you, identify that thing’s opposite. If you’re frustrated by your current job, the opposite might be a new job. Once you identify that opposite thing, spend a few minutes focusing on that opposite thing each day. So in the prior example, you might take a few minutes each day to focus on finding a new job. The goal is to eventually remove the situation that is causing frustration not by fighting it, but rather by putting your attention, focus and energy on its opposite.

That is how you use frustration to your advantage. Every feeling and emotion has a purpose. Even the so-called negative ones work to your advantage because they keep you honest and help you to never lose focus on what will truly make you happy.


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