Feng Shui to Find Love: What Your Partner’s Home Can Tell You

Feng Shui to find love
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Have you ever wanted to use Feng Shui to find love? The beauty of using esoteric and metaphysical knowledge to your advantage is that it not only can give you insight into your life, but it can give you insight into the lives of those around you. Feng Shui, the art of placing objects in a way that maximizes the Chi, or energy, inside of your home is one of the easiest ways to get a glimpse into what kind of magical mojo someone has going on in his or her romantic  life.

We can look to Feng Shui to help us in ALL areas of our lives. There are steps we can take to adjust the energy of our surroundings to impact our financial standing, our careers and even our love lives. Every part of your home corresponds with a particular aspect of your life. If you want to use Feng Shui to find love, you have to focus on your relationship corner.  To find your relationship corner, stand by your front door. The farthest right-hand corner of your house from your door is the area of your home that corresponds with your relationships.

The same holds true for a romantic partner or a person you’re thinking about dating. If you really want to use magic to your advantage, try to get a look at this corner of a prospective date’s home before you make the decision to start a relationship with him or her. You may immediately see that they aren’t in an energetic or emotional space to move further in the relationship.

So what do you look for? Here are some signs that the person has some work to do to attract a healthy relationship. (Make sure you check your own home for some of these signs because if you attracted this person into your life, you may have some issues to work on as well. Working on the Feng Shui of your home is a good way to allow the Universe to help you in that endeavor.)

Feng Shui for Love and Marriage

Remember, to use Feng Shui to find love, you’re focusing on the romantic corner. The area that is located in the furthest right-hand corner from the door. Here are some warning signs:

That part of their home is dirty or full of clutter. Cleanliness is important when it comes to feng shui. You want things to be in order (even the closets and the drawers). If they are not in order, chances are that part of your life is going to be just as disorderly. A chaotic relationship corner foreshadows a chaotic relationship.

There are signs of hoarding tendencies. There are places in the home that are perfect for storing things. The romantic corner is not one of them. Someone that stores everything in this corner may be carrying around a lot of extra baggage in their relationships. They may even be carrying feelings and unresolved sentiments for someone else.

There are dead or dying plants or flowers. Anything that represents death or decay is not wanted in the relationship corner if you want a vibrant, healthy relationship with this person. If there are things here that are in a clear state of disrepair, that person may need to make some repairs on their life to prepare for a healthy relationship.

Artwork depicting single people. If your love interest has pictures celebrating singledom in their relationship corner, they may subconsciously prefer to be alone. Tread carefully.



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