Feng Shui Tips: What That Leaky Faucet Means

I’m self-employed, so I’m accustomed to money ebbing and flowing. However, a couple of months ago, I started noticing that money was ebbing a little more than I would like. Yet it didn’t dawn on me to brush up on some feng shui tips to figure out what might be going on. It turns out a leaky faucet was literally washing my money down the drain.

feng shui tipsAt the same time that my money was slowing down, I had developed a leak in my master bathroom sink faucet. I ignored it for weeks, as it was a tiny leak and I didn’t feel like paying for a plumber or trying to find a handyman who could replace the faucet. I also didn’t know how to change a faucet myself. And then the leak got worse. So I went under the sink to turn off the sink entirely when the valves under the sink started leaking!

At this point, it was time to call in a plumber, and I did get the leaks repaired. But the fact that all of this free flowing water was let loose in my home made me wonder how the leaks might have been affecting my feng shui, and I realized that my money troubles could be related.

If you are familiar with feng shui tips, you may know that water is a sign of prosperity and abundance. When water is leaking you are literally washing your prosperity down the drain. When I thought back to when I started having financial slowdowns, it did coincide with the onset of the leaky faucet. In my particular case, the leaky faucet was even more impactful because that bathroom falls in the wealth and prosperity area of my home.

Feng shui tips to deal with repairs

Home repairs in general should be given priority if you want to maximize the chi, or energy, in your home. When something breaks down, you may be getting a message about a breakdown in that area of your life. Notice which Feng Shui area of your home the needed repair coincides with. Is there something going on in that area of your life that needs repair?

For example, say your front door is sticking and needs to be replaced. Typically the front door is in the Career and Life Path section of the home. If your front door isn’t opening properly, that could indicate that doors won’t open easily in your career or life path. That’s not something you want to deal with, is it? Sure, you can bang your hang against a wall trying to figure out how to get more career opportunities, or you can fix — or repair — your door.

So the real test of whether the leaky faucet was messing with my money is whether the money begins to rebound now that the leaks have been repaired. Indeed, the money situation has been on the upswing ever since. Feng shui tips can shed a lot of light on what’s going on in your life. A course on feng shui can help you understand some simple steps you can take to improve your money situation, your relationships and other areas of your home. Once you know those tips, use them to your advantage.

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