Feng Shui Money Mistakes That Are Keeping You Broke

Anyone who has studied feng shui knows that there are certain DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to placing objects around your home. There are also feng shui money mistakes that can hurt your efforts to improve your finances.

When I first started studying feng shui, I realized that what you don’t know CAN hurt you. I discovered that there were some elements in my home that were working against my desire to build wealth. The biggest one: I used to keep my unpaid bills piled on a table in my wealth corner. It’s no wonder that I always felt like something was happening to put me back into debt. (When I found a more suitable place for the unpaid bills, I was presented with the opportunity to take out a debt consolidation loan that saved me thousands of dollars in interest and helped me to pay off my debt sooner).

feng shui money mistakes

So in the spirit of helping you to avoid making some of the same mistakes that I made, I’ve compiled a few feng shui money mistakes — things you don’t want to do if you want your house to be an ally in your quest for financial security. Check out this list, think about your own home décor and make the necessary changes to usher in a more prosperous future.

Before I list the feng shui money mistakes, I’ll briefly explain how you can identify your wealth corner. Check out this illustration to the right. It’s called a ‘bagua,’ which is a map that shows what areas of your home correspond with which areas of your life. As you can see, the money area is in the Southeast corner of your home. When looking at the bagua, consider the entryway of your home to be the North side. Your wealth corner will be in the far left corner once you enter the doorway.

Now that you know where your wealth corner is, here are some feng shui money mistakes that can keep you broke.

Having a trash can in the wealth area. We all have trash, but think about it: trash and wealth don’t mix. Trash refers to items you don’t want. When it comes to wealth, you want to amass it; you don’t want to have an energy of disposal in that section of your home. If you have a trash can in your wealth corner, move it out of that area and see if you notice any changes.

Keeping clutter in the wealth area. Clutter is never a good thing when it comes to feng shui, but it can be particularly problematic in the wealth corner. Clutter causes energy to become stagnant. Feng shui is about allowing energy to move freely through your home and in all areas of your life. You definitely want the energy flowing in your wealth corner, don’t you? Clear the clutter immediately.

Having dying plants or broken objects. When it comes to feng shui, keep the following in mind: The state of a particular corner in your home is likely to reflect the state of that area of your life. If you’re having real problems in a certain area of your life, refer to your bagua and look for feng shui tips to help you in that area of your house.  Dying plants and broken objects reflect the ideas of destruction and decay. Is that how you want your financial situation to be? Do you want a financial reality that reflects destruction and decay? I know I don’t. I want a financial life that is abundant and overflowing and full of life. Remove anything in that area that is broken and if you can’t perk up your plants with some food, water and light, then remove them entirely.

It’s best to work with feng shui a little bit at a time; that way as you add certain elements or take certain elements away you can see what’s working and what is not. If you have any of these feng shui money mistakes that are described above in your wealth corner, you’d do yourself a favor by attending to them as soon as possible. Your bank account will thank you for it 🙂



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