How to Flow With Life

“Life is a flow of love and your participation is requested.” -Yogi

Walking through life doesn’t have to be a struggle. This article will help you learn how to flow through life with love while elevating your spiritual growth.

Practical Wisdom That Works columnist Fenesha Hubbard.

Imagine that you are walking down a road you have never been on, going toward a place you’ve never visited, and you are wearing a blindfold. You may already feel anxious about this situation. Well, it may ease things a bit to let you know that you are not walking this path alone. Imagine that someone is guiding your steps and turns at the appropriate times and at the right pace, just for you. You are probably making a sigh of relief because at least you know that you are in good hands and won’t be led astray!

We are always on a journey; a journey to do something, to accomplish a feat, to become a better person. I believe that each of us shares a guide on these journeys, a guide I call the invisible force of love. Helping us be our best selves is the role of this invisible force of love. It loves and supports us completely, if we let it.

However, we are human and self-preservation is natural for us. To ensure our safety and survival we want to know that things will work out. We want to guarantee our survival. We want to be in control of our lives. Sometimes we get a bit worried about the invisible force of love guiding us. Will it get exhausted? Am I sure it knows the way? How do I know there won’t be any detours? These types of questions make us begin to doubt the very thing that can guarantee the best life for us.

Taking full control of our journey and not trusting the invisible force of love to lead us can be stressful. After all, how are we to direct our own path, alone, down unknown roads to unfamiliar places, all while blindfolded? I imagine that on this type of journey each step feels like a battle on an active landmine! The steps we take would get smaller and smaller, thus delaying our journey, because we are walking in fear, exercising unwarranted caution and doing too much unnecessary overthinking.

Walking through life doesn’t have to be a struggle. Trusting life means allowing the invisible force of love to be your guide. This invisible force of love can be seen, felt and experienced through people, animals, and nature. All things that have life are able to be a tool for this invisible force of love to work through. (In this case, the invisible force of love is not the same as a spirit guide or angel.) When you are allowing the invisible force of love to work it is evident because your next step feels free of tension, doubt or struggle. Somehow you just know it is the right step to take.

Walking while blindfolded with the invisible force of love as your guide is a great way to elevate your spiritual growth. Our eyes can stunt our spiritual growth by focusing in on those street signs and landmarks that we know. After all, we tend to seek out some variation of what is familiar.

But when we walk down streets we’ve traveled before, we are unlikely to happen upon a better street, which could lead us to another street full of wonderful surprises. It may be tempting to walk the path where you know what to expect, but imagine walking with the trust that any unexpected experience will actually be for your greatest good? That’ll cause you to stand taller with a bit more confidence and assurance because even if you don’t know the next step or final destination, at least you know it’s all good and just for you!

Fenesha Hubbard, a student of metaphysics for nearly 25 years, facilitates learning by helping people navigate difficult topics with ease. She is a lover of life and chooses to make it great daily. Check her out at

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