Feeling Stuck? Why You Might Need to Change Your Set Point

A set point is a point in which you feel most comfortable subconsciously. It’s a feeling or situation that we feel at home in, so subconsciously we create it over and over and over again.

That can be a good thing if our set point makes us happy on a conscious level. For example, we may love to travel, and our set point may be that of a traveler so we constantly attract opportunities to go places. But often, our setpoint goes against where we consciously want to be.

For example, we may want to be in a healthy relationship but our set point – the place we subconsciously feel comfortable in – has us living single. As a result, we may sabotage every relationship we are in because subconsciously we are not comfortable being part of a couple.

Or we may have a financial set point in which we feel most comfortable when we are struggling. As a result, whenever, we start to become financially prosperous we find a way to become broke again. We may find a way to lose a job or major client, or we may make financial choices that will put us back in financial hardship.

For lightworker business owners, a set point can keep them from growing their business beyond a certain point. They may keep attracting challenging clients or find themselves constantly struggling with cashflow.

So how do you identify your set points? Look at your life and ask yourself the following questions:

What situations – good and bad – do you find yourself in over and over again?

What areas have you felt stuck in, like you could never move forward in?

What goals have you had for a long period of time that you think are just beyond your reach?

Do you get a subconscious payoff when certain undesirable things happen? For example, do you get more attention from others when you have challenges or problems?

Once you have those answers, you know those are areas where you must be willing to do some work.

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