Epidote: A Law of Attraction Crystal


If you’re looking for a magical crystal that can grant you three (or more) wishes, Epidote may be the crystal for you. This magnificent and beautiful green crystal is sometimes known as a Law of Attraction stone because it amplifies your thoughts and beliefs and brings more of what is into your life.

Now if you think about it, that can be good or bad.

Say you feel wealthy and you believe you always have more than enough money. If that’s the case and you get a piece of Epidote, don’t be surprised if you get an unexpected check or your boss offers you a raise. Remember, this crystal accentuates what is already there.

Now, say you feel like you are always digging yourself out of debt and you can’t catch a break. Add some Epidote to your collection and you might get a speeding ticket or find out the interest rate on your maxed out credit card is going up. In other words, that sense of lack you have will become even more pronounced.

Your issues will come to the surface

Since Epidote is such a powerful manifesting crystal, it will help you see what your core beliefs are. Remember, we attract what we believe whether we are conscious of those beliefs or not. If you bring Epidote into your life and look at what comes to you, that can give you some key insights into where you might want to add a little bit of healing into your life.

For example, if you find yourself having money problems, that’s an area you might want to do some work in. Maybe you start repeating some money affirmations or do some root chakra balancing work to shift your thoughts and feelings around money.

Thanks to the Epidote, your inner work is likely to bring about huge manifestations. As your thoughts and beliefs change, remember, your Epidote will still be bringing you more of what is. More abundant thoughts will start to bring in more abundance.

On the flip side, the areas of your life where you have the most positive beliefs will also likely be amplified with Epidote. For example, if you’ve been attracting a lot of flirty looks lately, a piece of Epidote might bring in even more suitors.

A warning about Epidote

Since this is such a powerful manifesting tool, make sure you are ready for it.

Be honest with yourself. if you’ve been feeling down on yourself or you know you have a lot of negative thoughts, this might not be the crystal for you — at least, not at this time.

As with the Law of Attraction itself, a piece of Epidote isn’t going to amplify positive thoughts only; rather it’s going to match and amplify the vibration you are already giving off.

If you are ready to face your negative thoughts, bless them and heal them, a piece of Epidote can help you gauge how you are doing in real-time. However, if your fears and doubts are already bogging you down, do some inner work to lift that vibration before you bring the Epidote into the fold. You can find some Epidote here.

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