Energy shifts: When it’s time to change direction

Energy Shifts are meant to be followedHave you ever found yourself beginning to hate doing the things that you used to do? That is often a symptom of energy shifts: when your spirit is telling you that it is time to move in a different direction.

Living an intuitive life means that we don’t get caught up in the mental maze of over-planning. One of the questions I always cringed at during a job interview was the one asking me to plot out the next five to ten years of my life. Anyone who has lived a little knows this: Life happens when we’re busy making plans, and the things that are the most meaningful typically didn’t follow your ideal blueprint.

Energy shifts can be uncomfortable because they mess with our routines. The things we used to do day in and day out no longer satisfy us. We may find it harder and harder to complete them. People often experience this when their soul is aching for them to change careers or start a business. They may find it harder and harder to do the tasks that are necessary in their current jobs. That’s because the energy has shifted from the old job and is nudging you to embrace a new way.

Signs of Energy Shifts

So what does it feel like when you’re undergoing an energy shift? You may feel restless. You begin to be repelled by the old ways of doing things. You may feel tired or fatigued. You may wake up in the middle of the night. You may feel easily irritated.

These may all seem like negative feelings and emotions, but there is a reason for them. You’re feeling negative because your life is not in alignment with where your Spirit wants you to be. Your Spirit envisions you living an entirely different life and every time you do something differently, you feel that negative vibration.

If you’re at all familiar with Abraham-Hicks and their work on the Law of Attraction, you’ve likely heard them say that when you’re thinking about something differently from the way that your Higher Self thinks about it, you feel negative emotion. This is a similar concept. When your actions are not in alignment with what your Higher Self wants to do, you’ll feel negative vibrations.

What to Do When Energy Shifts

So what can you do when the energy starts to shift? Well the best thing to do is to figure out where it’s shifting to. Your energy isn’t just shifting into no man’s land. It’s moving in another direction and you are meant to follow.

Start paying attention to what makes you feel good. You may develop new interests when energy shifts, or you may meet interesting people. Anything that feels good is taking you in the direction that the energy is shifting to. Follow it.

Think about any dreams that you’ve had for a long period of time that you have failed to follow. Often, your Spirit will give you a chance to start acting on your dreams in your own time, but if you don’t act, you may get a stronger nudge. Eventually, the energy will leave without you, which is meant to serve as sort of a kick in the pants to move you closer to where your Spirit wants you to go.

Once you start taking steps in the direction that the energy has shifted, you will begin to feel relief. Follow your instincts, continue to take steps, and a new path will open to you.

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