Does positive thinking work?

Have you ever met anyone who believes everything will always work out the way she wants it to? She sees the best in everybody, she believes that all people have her best interests at heart and she just knows she’ll get the job she wants, the relationship she wants and the life she wants? Would you call her naïve? How about LOA-savvy?

I know a woman who was married for 40 years and then a year after her husband died, she was dating again and now she’s happily involved with another life partner. She’s never longed for a relationship. In fact, one day she said to me, “Whenever I start to date someone I expect that it’s going to go right.” (And it does.)

Another acquaintance is on her second business venture after a successful corporate career. Every professional endeavor she touches turns to gold. Guess what? She said she never thinks that her ventures will fail because she knows they always work out.  (And they do.)

The truth is we should all take a page from these wise folks. I know I’ll be working each day of 2012 to channel the spirit of my optimistic friends. What does it hurt to think that everyone wants the best for me? (Would I be more loving toward them, thereby improving the relationships?) How would my life be different if I assumed the business venture would work out?  (Would I stick with it longer thereby opening the door for the miracle?) What if I expected the flirtation to lead to a fulfilling long-term relationship? (Would I risk being vulnerable thereby building upon the friendship?)

How about trying it for a week, or even a day? Put on those rose-colored glasses and whenever you think something isn’t going to work out imagine the best-case scenario and see yourself living that reality.

If you take the time and make an effort to improve your positive attitude, you’ll see a change in your life. Did you see the movie or read the book The Secret? If you did, you may have applied some of the principles to your life, but you may have come up short. Many Law of Attraction gurus who understand that positive thinking does work know that The Secret left out quite a bit about the Law of Attraction and the missing link between having positive thoughts and manifesting the life you want. Dr. Robert Anthony is a Law of Attraction expert who was actually asked by the author of The Secret, Rhonda Byrne, to participate in the project but he said ‘no’ because he saw that The Secret wasn’t painting the entire picture. In fact, he says, “If you approach manifesting what you want the way most of these ‘experts’ tell you to, then you will be very disappointed.”

Instead, he worked on his own teachings and he’s come up with The Secret of Deliberate Creation, a Law of Attraction training system that provides the piece of information that The Secret and so many other Law of Attraction systems fail to convey. Anthony focuses on the power of emotion and actually BELIEVING rather than simply thinking. You can’t just slap a positive thought over a negative belief. Anthony  focuses on getting your conscious and subconscious minds to work together, which is what has to happen in order for positive thinking to work.

If you’ve tried to use Law of Attraction principles and they’re not working, the reason is simple. You don’t really believe what you’re thinking about. You have to reprogram those beliefs first. Once you change the belief, then you can go back to the positive thinking and it will work because it reflects your belief. Of course reprogramming those beliefs isn’t as easy as it sounds. But Anthony’s program offers a step-by-step approach, so no matter how ingrained those beliefs are, you can uproot them and replace them with the beliefs that are necessary for you to manifest the love, the money, the health and the happiness that you desire.

The Law of Attraction is spiritual law and it does work EVERY TIME when you understand all of the steps. If you’re ready to test that out — and be a more successful manifester — try Anthony’s program, which will literally give you the steps to identify your real beliefs, reprogram your mind so that you believe what you want to believe, and only then, will the positive thinking truly work. Download The Secret of Deliberate Creation now.

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